Alfred Köpf

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The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

Pioneering boutique Rentsch Partner stands out from the crowd for its comprehensive approach to intellectual property. Combining the talents of both patent attorneys and lawyers under one roof, it can cover all bases for its high-flying technology and pharmaceutical clientele. The hardest hitters include Christian Hilti and Demian Stauber, who bring the heat in big-ticket litigation. A calm but commanding presence in the courtroom, Hilti has over three decades of experience and the market recognition to show for it, having chalked up many a landmark victory along the way. Stauber is lauded for his versatility: his sweet spot is at the confluence of IP, IT and contract law, where he crafts persuasive arguments for leading technology companies embroiled in disputes and assists small start-ups with their software agreements. On the prosecution front, Dany Vogel, Alfred Köpf, Louis Lagler and Andrea Carreira set the standard of excellence. Software instructions and computer-implemented inventions are meat and drink to the “super-sharp” Vogel; while Köpf devises “long-lasting and reliable strategies” in the life sciences and mechanical industries. An authority in the electrical and optical fields, Lagler “drafts patents efficiently and with a fantastic technical understanding, all while targeting a broad claim. He is responsive, reliable and great at coordinating multi-jurisdictional filings”. Joining them in the guide this year is Carreira, a prime choice for litigation support. The trained chemist relishes the nitty-gritty of complex matters and has the determination to take her cases all the way.

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