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Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

Exceptional on both the contentious and non-contentious fronts, Rentsch Partner is a fantastic choice for companies who are looking for a one-stop shop patent offering, thanks to its unique position on the Swiss market. Operating out of the dispute division are Christian Hilti and Demian Stauber. “Super professional, diligent, thorough and smart, Christian’s advice is always helpful. He is always well prepared for court hearings, and his vast experience is reflected in everything he does, all of which gives his clients a great sense of confidence. To top it off, he is lovely to work with too.” PhD Stauber operates at the intersection of IP, IT and contract law, where he supports technology companies in high-stakes and commercially consequential skirmishes before the Federal Patent Court. The prosecution line-up is made up of all-stars Louis Lagler, Dany Vogel, Alfred Köpf and Andrea Carreira. “Louis and his team are very structured and efficient in their work. They engage very deeply with inventors and help stretch the ideas, start with the broadest possible claims and work their way in. They listen to their clients’ needs, help them manage budgets and, ultimately, the end result always produces top-quality patents.” Vogel and Köpf are both part-time judges at the Federal Patent Court alongside their respective practices. The former is a computer software specialist, while the latter is highly adept in the life sciences and mechanical fields. Carreira is up there with the best of the best when it comes to life sciences work. Her PhD and her 25 years of experience make her a discerning choice for litigationsupport.

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