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Silver - Individuals: litigation

Susman Godfrey is a go-to for high-risk litigation: “The people there are not litigators, but true trial lawyers who always deliver top-quality legal work.” The gold-ranked firm has a unique culture in which each lawyer has an equal say on matters such as hiring and case selection, and in which those who go to court stand up to present. Individuals at every level have thus bought into its mission to take on and win the toughest, most valuable cases, giving it a formidable intensity of focus. Routinely spearheading precedent-setting campaigns are Houston partners Joseph Grinstein, Andres Healy, Lexie White, Max Tribble and Justin Nelson, each of whom proves devastatingly effective in the courtroom. Garnering especially effusive references this year and ascending to the gold tier as a result, Grinstein is “an adept manager of potent trial teams and a hugely capable advocate whose cross-examinations and closing arguments are persuasive and compelling”. “Joe is a lifeboat lawyer with no identifiable weaknesses. Extremely intelligent and diligent, he can make complex matters easily understandable and, on top of it all, is a personable, kind and generous person who relates well to others.” He recently tried the first-ever patent infringement lawsuit filed against Snapchat subsidiary Snap, winning summary judgment both defensively and offensively. Healy and White, meanwhile, have been working wonders for repeat client Koninklijke KPN in battles against the likes of HTC Corporation. Tribble and Nelson recently led a team representing Barkan Wireless IP Holdings in patent litigation against Samsung, which they have successfully battled against on numerous occasions.

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