Alexander Schnider

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Gold - Individuals: litigation and transactions

Trailblazer GEISTWERT is hailed as “a ground-breaking firm that has changed the face of the market. There is no other comparable set-up, where five innovative partners are all stars in the IP field”. “The firm works on a partner level, which gives clients utmost confidence in its super-clear results. Its response times are ultra-quick and its entrepreneurship allows the team to fully see and understand each company’s commercial goals.” Contentious firepower is provided in abundance by Alexander Schnider, Rainer Schultes and Constantin Kletzer. A “master strategist and logical thinker”, Schnider is “the ace up your sleeve when you need legal advice that is crucial to your business operations. The great thing about Alex is that there are no problems for him – only solutions. He sees right through the white noise and cuts to heart of any issue”. The “top-tier” Schultes has “profound knowledge of case law and very good technical understanding, and is extremely well prepared for each case – he dives straight to the point and never strays away from the subject matter”. Kletzer is also highly recommended: “Quick, sharp and efficient, he is a top choice.” Commercialisation specialist Juliane Messner “is an outstanding negotiator, an extraordinary practitioner and a great team player. Her business knowledge is incredible and she provides advice that hits core issues in a quick turnaround time”. Another active member in the transactional setting is Max Mosing, “one of Austria’s best deal makers. He is tough and has extremely broad legal knowledge, but stays gracious and calm, even in the most difficult situations”.

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