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Bronze - Individuals: infringement

“The Preu Bohlig team has excellent knowledge and is diligent and delivers on time. The attorneys at Preu Bohlig are sharp, responsive and insightful on the strategic considerations for patent enforcement in Europe.” The group has long been one of the most recognisable names for IT, telecommunications and automotive patent litigation in Germany, but across the past year its work in the life sciences area has seen an uptick too, thanks in part to the collaboration between its IP specialists and pharmaceutical regulatory lawyers. Mylan has been one key client in the latter area, and Daniel Hoppe has been involved in interim injunction proceedings on its behalf. Combining knowledge of patents, employee inventions and trade secrets law, Hoppe enters the IAM Patent 1000 this year thanks to his impressive work in the pharmaceutical field. From his past positions as a judge and public prosecutor, he has a particularly good understanding of criminal investigations. Alongside this growing work in the life sciences sphere the outfit continues to act in the high-technology sector, and Huawei is one of its most prominent patrons on that side. Acting on its behalf in countless infringement proceedings is Berlin-based Christian Donle, about whom interviewees are nothing but positive: “What makes Christian special is the capability to explain difficult technical issues in a way that a trial court can understand and follow the arguments. Christian really gets to the heart of things and doesn’t get lost in complicated legalese. His pleadings in trials are also like that: to the point, precise and linguistically effective. For complex patent infringement litigation, he is an outstanding lawyer who is appreciated by the courts.” In the Munich office Andreas Haberl and Alexander Harguth can be found – Haberl has spent the past two decades achieving successes in both the courtroom and boardroom, and recently acted in infringement proceedings on behalf of 4Inno against Philips, while Harguth has been litigating telecommunications patents for 25 years and is a skilled coordinator of parallel disputes in Europe and the United States. Holding down the fort in Düsseldorf is Christian Kau, who is known for his work with automotive and medical technology SMEs. “Christian is capable of quickly and deeply understanding and communicating complex technical subjects and complex patent and licensing situations. He has an ability to immediately understand negotiations and react with an acceptable solution for both parties.”

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