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For more than four decades, Bardehle Pagenberg has dominated the German patent scene, combining the skills of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law to provide a 360-degree offering to its global clientele. “Not only is Bardehle highly capable in the technical patent and litigation aspects of a case, but the team also very quickly gains a good understanding of the commercial aspects of a business, enabling it to help with strategic decision-making.” Notable patrons of late include adidas and Apple, both of which have placed their portfolios in the firm’s care. Handling the adidas work are mechanical engineers Joachim Mader and Christian Haupt, while the Apple brief has been tackled by Johannes Lang and Christof Karl. As well as having a strong strategic eye, Mader is well-known for his proficiency in EPO proceedings, while Haupt brings additional knowledge of IT and computer-implemented inventions and is as strong an EPO advocate as he is an advisor on infringement issues. Lang is similarly well-versed in software and computer-implemented inventions and is well known for his advice on cross-border infringement battles, while Karl is a go-to person for issues around telecommunications patents and patent-related antitrust law. As one of his clients puts it: “His advice is sound and solid and creative at times which has helped us push forward some initiatives that have made it to the market unchallenged. At times, he can work on very close deadline without the quality of the work product to be affected.” Also with telecommunications know-how is Tilman Müller-Stoy, who can be relied on for advice in relation to everything FRAND and SEP. “He is a very well-recognised patent litigator and has a lot of experience with patent litigation in Germany but also has very deep knowledge about cross-border aspects of patent litigation. Tilman has a great grip for what matters in a litigation and he will stay very focused on that. He knows how to present a clear, concise and to the point case in front of court, with the right charisma.” Johannes Heselberger is a fellow litigator, whose background in physics comes in handy in all manner of technical areas, including both pharmaceutical and telecommunications cases. “Johannes approaches each case with exceptional judgement, guiding us to the best decisions possible in a difficult legal environment. Over decades of practising law, he has built a deep well of credibility and respect from the German judges handling patent cases.” Also confident in cross-border cases is Alexander Haertel, whose record in the courts is not to be sniffed at. He combines his patent expertise with knowledge in related areas like trade secrets and unfair competition law. Cooperating closely with these attorneys-at-law is patent attorney Tobias Kaufmann, who has seen it all thanks to time spent as an in-house IPR manager for a leading electronics company. He shares this electronics specialism with Düsseldorf office head Martin Hohgardt, who also works closely with attorneys-at-law, providing infringement and validity advice.

Alexander Haertel's Profile

Alexander Haertel specialises in patent litigation in all technical areas. His expertise also covers unfair competition law, designs and trade secrets. As a litigator, Mr Haertel has successfully handled hundreds of cases for his clients, always aiming to combine high-quality and relevant advice.

Mr Haertel’s expert knowledge stems from experience working with a broad spectrum of technologies, particularly in the automotive and telecommunications industry, life sciences, glass manufacturing, mechanical engineering, 3D printing.

He represents clients in patent infringement proceedings and in nullity, opposition and cancellation proceedings before the various German infringement courts, the German Federal Patent Court, the German Federal Court of Justice, the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office. His vast experience in coordinating and conducting cross-border patent litigation proceedings makes him a sought-after partner of his clients who operate on an international scale.

Mr Haertel co-chairs the European Committee of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) and is vice chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee of LESI, as well as an international delegate of LES Germany. He is also a member of the Working Group on Intellectual Property and Media of the German Association of Lawyers and a member of the European Patent Lawyers Association, the German Association of Intellectual Property Experts and the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

“Litigating patents is a complex and strategically challenging process. It involves close cooperation with colleagues and swift and efficient coordination with clients. My aim is to help clients stay on top of things and make the right decisions no matter how complex the case may be.”

Firm Profile

As one of Europe’s leading IP law firms, Bardehle Pagenberg has pooled the strengths and competences of patent attorneys and attorneys at law for more than 40 years, clearly setting itself apart from the competition.

The firm’s diverse client base appreciates the intense cooperation between, on the one hand, attorneys at law handling infringement cases before German civil courts through all instances and, on the other hand, patent attorneys representing clients in proceedings before the patent offices and the Federal Patent Court. We are also in a position to offer the invaluable input of our senior consultants who in their previous careers were leading German IP judges or members of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office.

Bardehle Pagenberg provides its clients with excellent services in all fields of intellectual property – from the first idea through to the launch, exploitation, enforcement and strategic management, particularly in the areas of patent law, trademark and design law, unfair competition law, antitrust law, as well as licensing and technology transfer. To ensure processes of the highest standard, BAREDEHLE PAGENBERG operates according to a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 and regularly submits itself to audits for recertification purposes.

The full-service IP firm is regularly chosen by global companies which value Bardehle Pagenberg’s international availability and diverse team. Additionally, various German blue-chip companies, small and medium-sized businesses and market leaders in niche technologies entrust the firm with their IP business.

Industry sector strengths

Thanks to its vast experience in various industries, Bardehle Pagenberg offers a very broad spectrum of services. For example, it is well known for its expertise in the automotive industry, telecommunications, software and electronics. Moreover, Bardehle Pagenberg focuses on technical sectors such as mechanical engineering or medical devices, as well as on sports equipment and the pharmaceutical sector.

International presence and alliances

Bardehle Pagenberg stands out as a law firm with strong cross-national ties between its offices in Munich, Düsseldorf, Paris and Barcelona. Furthermore, its reliable global network includes longstanding relationships with numerous high-end IP law firms in the United States and the fast-growing Asian markets. Thus, Bardehle Pagenberg has a global reach with excellent capabilities for cross-border IP disputes.

In 2015 Bardehle Pagenberg demonstrated its role as a pioneer once more, forming a partnership with the Singaporean law firm YUSARN AUDREY in the fields of IP law and technology transfer. Between them, the two boutiques provide clients with skilful support in the fields of technology licensing, business-to-business cooperation, and joint venture and merger and acquisition projects.

Corporate social and environmental responsibility

Bardehle Pagenberg allocates part of its manpower to support social organisations having legal disputes in order to help them safeguard their rights despite tight financial constraints.

Bardehle Pagenberg attaches great value to sustainability, which is why the distinct high-level role of a sustainability officer was created in April 2020. Under his stewardship, the firm has been optimising its every-day green measures, which had already been top-notch. From tangible measures for avoiding waste and paper through to information technology and electronics and policies on making our mobility even more sustainable, the entire team of Bardehle Pagenberg is committed to protecting our planet.

Bardehle Pagenberg contributes to making professional life greener – for example, by providing its employees with free tickets for public transport, by offsetting its business flights funding sustainability projects throughout the world via the German non-profit organisation atmosfair. Furthermore, Bardehle Pagenberg continuously strives to become a paperless and carbon-neutral office.

Team experience and size

Bardehle Pagenberg employs people from more than 15 different countries on three continents.

With more than 40 years of experience in the IP world, a considerable international clientele and over 240 specialists, Bardehle Pagenberg is able to simultaneously conduct numerous major infringement, opposition and nullity proceedings.

Bardehle Pagenberg employs an impressive pool of highly skilled attorneys, many of whom play an active role in international professional associations and committees or serve in government expert groups, advisory boards and boards of bar associations, regularly publish books and expert articles on a broad range of topical IP issues.

Highly regarded worldwide

Bardehle Pagenberg and its lawyers regularly rank at the top of the most renowned IP publications.

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