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Clients trust OlarteMoure to provide impenetrable patent defence strategies, not only in Colombia but across the whole of Latin America. The firm is home to a number of experts who are trusted by globally renowned industry leaders such as GSK and Pfizer to provide regional protection for their innovations. With a background in biomedicine and mechanical engineering, head of the practice Carlos Olarte is well suited to support these companies. His 30 years of experience have earned him a deep understanding of the different patent registration systems in the region. His focus is primarily on the biopharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors. Equally active in these sectors, Mónica Guevara brings her scientific background in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to the team. Her 13 years of experience have given her the ability to perform each stage of the patent registration process with formidable skill. Alexander Agudelo brings over 22 years of experience to the practice. His background in pharmaceutical chemistry gives him a uniquely technical approach to his legal work in these fields. Carlos Parra is situated in Tokyo, leading the group’s Asia Pacific foreign desk. Carlos is exceptionally proficient in transactional matters, helping patrons to capitalise on their inventions.

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