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Market research unanimously confirms the strength of OlarteMoure’s legal and technical expertise, and as one source puts it: “OlarteMoure has the strongest technical team in Colombia.” The outfit’s leading prosecution work in the chemical and pharmaceutical space has been singled out, and its overall approach and sensitivity to client needs have also received praise. “The team is always available to solve all our questions and enquiries, in the nicest and gentlest way; there is always a kind face to help and provide easy, quick, complete and smart solutions. Even during the tough times in 2020 and 2021 they always found ways of capturing your attention and making IP issues easy to understand.” Department head and biomedical and mechanical engineer Carlos Olarte has long been recognised for his sterling service and deep technical expertise. Patrons remark on his “depth of experience in managing large patent portfolios and in litigation proceedings”. No doubt these attributes have greatly facilitated OlarteMoure’s “significant share of the local patent market and representation of all the important companies in Colombia”. Well on their way to similar levels of recognition and acclaim, patent director and pharmaceutical chemistry expert Alexander Agudelo is a prosecution whizz and a compelling advocate, while attorney Carlos Parra brings more than 25 years’ experience assisting companies in the monetisation and protection of their innovative patent ideas. Joining this powerhouse trio on the list this year is Monica Guevara, who combines pharmaceutical chemistry expertise with deep legal know-how and 10-plus years of experience prosecuting patents.

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