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As the country’s largest patent prosecution shop, Plasseraud IP has myriad household names from the automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and telecommunications industries on its roster. Continued ambitions of expansion were most recently realised through the acquisition of long-established French patent attorney outfit EGYP, and as such the group is now home to an impressive team of 117 multilingual professionals. For innovators in the life sciences, Nadine Rocaboy, Cyra Nargolwalla, and Ina Schreiber are the star attractions. Qualified both in Europe and in the United States, Rocaboy is “proactive and closely involved in all of her work, and communicates with fluidity and simplicity”. Captain of the life sciences group Nargolwalla likewise earns glowing reports: “Intelligent, knowledgeable and well organised, Cyra has proven herself to be a diligent and passionate advocate at the EPO. She is business minded and solutions oriented, and prepared for every eventuality.” The feedback on chemistry and life sciences group co-head Schreiber is similarly effusive: “With Ina involved, the task of obtaining European patent protection is always easier. She is proficient, knowledgeable and reliable, and always keeps on top of IP trends and case law, adjusting her advice accordingly.” Continuing to manage the EGYP side of the firm is the life sciences-focused Anne Desaix, who has “abundant expertise in the IP domain and a valuable and specific understanding of the challenges and complexities of the biotechnology field”. “She has a smart way of addressing questions and the ability to take patents to grant across a wide range of territories.” The mechanics and electronics group is co-headed by Bertrand Loisel and Eric Burbaud, both hailed as “among the best patent practitioners in their field”. PhD Loisel is an IT, computer science and electrical engineering wizard who previously worked as a researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission; while Burbaud splits his time between Paris and Prague and recently shaped the patent strategy of French unicorn and connected watch leader Withings. When software protection conundrums arise in fields ranging from telecommunications to bioinformatics, Albert Hassine is the one to call: “Albert explains European law in a nuanced manner, makes himself available quickly and proactively, and makes time for face-to-face discussions. His track record is excellent and he knows his clients’ businesses inside out.”

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