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Bronze - Individuals: litigation

A repository of trust for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, Fenwick & West is best known for its ability to handle high-technology, high-stakes and high-profile cases with finesse. Its attorneys truly understand the relationship between intellectual property and a successful business model, and craft winning strategies that place their clients in the strongest position. Setting the bar high on the non-contentious side are Carl Morales and Daniel Brownstone. Morales is a deft strategist who manages the portfolios of many major players in the life sciences industry, while Brownstone excels in prosecuting patents and handling due diligence for patrons in a variety of industries. For contentious briefs, Robert Counihan, Adam Gahtan and Ryan Johnson are just a few of the firm’s stellar practitioners. Counihan seamlessly guides clients through all stages of litigation and is an outstanding courtroom advocate. Gahtan has broad commercial litigation experience but is best known for his appellate work. Johnson is a seasoned Hatch-Waxman litigator who boasts an impressive track record at district and appellate level in addition to the PTAB. Adding further quality to the line-up are Kevin McGann, Jeffrey Oelke and James Trainor. Whether the case is related to life sciences, high-technology or anything in between, McGann has the skill set to handle it with exactitude. Oelke is another contentious ace who excels in anything life sciences related, including Hatch-Waxman litigation. Trainor is a first-chair trial lawyer who develops winning strategies for the companies he represents in litigation.

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