Abel Teshome

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The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

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Ankura is distinguished by its collaborative approach; its experts and advisers, who come from many different walks of life, link up seamlessly to deliver solutions to the most complex problems. This works well in the IP sphere, in which the firm’s experts demonstrate sophisticated expertise with respect to the assessment, valuation and management of IP assets on a global basis, along with refined skills in the courtroom. Senior managing directors David Yurkerwich, Michael Lasinski and Kevin Arst anchor the outfit. Part of what makes them all so effective in a disputes setting is their well-rounded view of patents, cultivated through extensive engagement in valuation practice. Managing director Abel Teshome makes his IAM Patent 1000 debut this year on a wave of positive feedback: “Abel and his team are a pleasure to work with; they are top-notch experts who think about every angle and anticipate what the other side will do, to ensure that their work product is bulletproof. They are responsive, creative, efficient and can explain difficult economic concepts in simple English.”

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