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Recommended - Individuals: prosecution

Outstanding in terms of technical bench strength, Perkins Coie is chock-full of highly trained patent attorneys and agents – many with valuable industry insight (both scientific and legal) – who come together to dispense holistic counsel on patent procurement, asset management and portfolio development. Several of its Seattle-based attorneys play pivotal roles within the richly resourced national group, such as Aaron Poledna, who captains the prosecution department with aplomb. “Aaron is a patent all-star who can quickly learn new technologies and distil complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts; he has an excellent feel for business, too. He is service oriented and provides enormous value at the strategic level.” Also exceptional in this regard are Stephen Bishop, Paul Parker, Maurice Pirio and Christopher Daley-Watson, who put Perkins Coie at the cutting edge of key innovation fields – Bishop in software and internet technology; Parker in medical devices; Pirio in blockchain and machine learning; and Daley-Watson in 5G. Another stalwart of the practice is John Wechkin, who, like his colleagues, avails fully of the firm’s state-of-the-art, technology-focused solutions and patent analytics tools to manage and enhance valuable portfolios worldwide. Perkins Coie also deserves its reputation as a contentious powerhouse – one which Ramsey Al-Salam and Jerry Riedinger, who represent half of the IAM Patent 1000 Washington gold tier for litigation, have done a great deal to sustain. Recent highlights include securing summary judgment of non-infringement in an action filed by Genuine Enabling Technology (GET) against client Nintendo, alleging infringement of GET’s patent by Nintendo’s videogame console controllers; Riedinger masterminded this one, drawing on support from colleagues locally and in the Madison, Wisconsin office. Other litigators to keep on the radar include Ryan McBrayer and Christina McCullough, who are both entering the prime of their advocacy careers. McBrayer is trusted when the chips are down and recently represented HTC Corporation in an 11-patent, high-exposure case initiated by Philips regarding smartphone functionality patents; collaborating with partners in San Diego and Shanghai, he benefited immensely from Perkins Coie’s all-hands-on-deck culture, deep bench and international reach. Admired by hiring partners at competitor firms, McCullough’s contributions are great and many in district court cases and inter partes reviews. The star turn on the post-grant side is Chun Ng, whose blended prosecution and litigation skillset lends itself well to PTAB actions and associated appeals.

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