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The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

Highly-recommended - Firms: prosecution

“Efficient, diligent, prompt and proactive, Zacco is wonderful in all regards. A premier European patent firm with a significant presence across the continent, it offers comprehensive IP services. The group delivers fantastic work and boasts in-depth technical know-how and business acumen, easing the minds of clients during complex mandates.” First up is regional director and electrical engineer Patrik Olsson, who is at home advising patrons on their overall portfolio strategy and determining the potential value. He is often called upon to testify in cases before the Swedish Patent and Market Court as an expert on patent law. The “simply magnificent” Malin Mattsson leads the mechanics team. Her engineering background and knowledge of the law allow her to recognise and understand her clients’ inventions as well as their practical value. Mechanical engineers Paul Winblad and Tommy Somlo draw on their experiences as examiners at the Swedish Patent Office to provide expert advice. Winblad is a fine choice for an array of technical fields, including the energy and automotive sectors, while Somlo works with clientele across a range of emerging technologies. Tomas Gustafsson also utilises his insight as an examiner, as well as time spent in-house as a patent attorney, to get patents through to grant with minimal fuss. He understands internal business goals and external requirements, and so he can provide well-rounded protection. Forward-thinking Ulf Juhlin-Dannfelt advises his following on the development of intellectual property and helps them to create internal environments that are more IP conscious. The team’s technical versatility is further reflected with the inclusion of telecommunications and physics lead Johan Hervius Löthman, a favourable choice among those in related areas, including software and computer-implemented inventions. On the life sciences side, Maria Börlin, Michael Byström, Jörgen Linde, Sofia Larsson and Martin Tranälv can be found. Leading the charge, Börlin’s insight into both the practical and financial viability of her clients’ ideas is key to the successful expansion of their portfolios. “Michael provides high-quality, prompt and tailored solutions that are beyond expectations. He casts a wide net of European coverage for patent protection, all while keeping costs in mind. He is truly an invaluable resource.” Linde’s deep well of expertise makes him a trusted partner to university-based inventors, SMEs and multinationals; while Larsson draws on her in-house experience at a medical device company to assist patrons in protecting their inventions globally. Rounding off the line-up, Tranälv’s knowledge runs the gamut of intellectual property, and he regularly advises his clients on implementing strategies across their entire IP portfolios. 

Silver - Firms: prosecution

Zacco is widely applauded for its specialists in an array of fields. With such capability, its services are adapted to each client and for each task that may arise. Patrons have a positive outlook on the firm and trust that matters are dealt with diligently and properly. “The team comes wholeheartedly recommended to anyone seeking an excellent IP service provider.” On the mechanics front is Thomas Sundien. “Clients continue to be satisfied by Sundien’s strong understanding of complex details relating to mechanical issues, meticulous drafting work and vast knowledge of the field.” An engineer with an academic background in applied physics, “Camilla Rendal Nielsen offers trustworthy and creative strategies during patent prosecution.” A telecommunications expert, Nielsen is a key point of contact for a wide array of players in Europe, China, and the United States. Tomas Wässingbo draws on in-house experience at Sony to offer his services to those within the telecommunications technology arena. With over 15 years in the field, Wässingbo utilises his time to offer comprehensive patent portfolio management, strategic assistance and litigation support around the world. Molecular biologist Michael Schandorf Sørensen “is one of the best European patent attorneys. Creative and with particular know-how on obtaining the best results for clients, Sørensen draws on a broad perspective of both US and European patent law during strategy meetings. He is great with customers and a true pleasure to work with.” Also on deck is biotechnology and chemistry ace Casper Struve, a favoured choice among pharmaceuticals companies seeking litigation support. Struve draws on his extensive expertise and time as a research chemist at biotechnology company PreciSense A/S to handle technically complex cases. Chemical engineer Pernille Thorsboe offers her assistance in contentious and non-contentious matters relating to food technology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Bolstering the group’s technical capabilities, IAM Patent 1000 newcomers Anders Fredriksson and Elmin Tutkur are highly praised: “Fredriksson is highly recommended for his filing and opposition work. He utilises a strong commercial understanding of software and mechanics, paired with seamless cooperation and in-depth knowledge. Tutkur transforms large amounts of data and complex details into straightforward suggestions, and relays his findings in a concise manner to various internal stakeholders. Able to stick to a tight deadline, he is also experienced in patentability assessments for computer-implemented and AI inventions. Additionally, he drafts superb, well-written applications. Tutkur goes above and beyond for his clientele, and it is a joy to work with him.”

Recommended - Firms: prosecution

Zacco continues to be an outfit of choice for a wide range of domestic and international players and its recent acquisition of local Norwegian set Tandberg has further strengthened its position as a top-quality offering at the intersection of commercial and technical understanding. Four of its practitioners – Hans Langan, Rita Lillegraven, Anna Sønstevold and Stein Aamot – are ranked in the guide this year, and they embody a client-oriented approach. Langan is considered by peers to be “one of Norway’s leading patent attorneys” and he draws on his mechanical engineering background to provide clear and technically sound guidance that always puts his patrons’ goals first. Leveraging a background in chemistry, Lillegraven effortlessly manages portfolios for names such as Dynea, a leading entity in industrial coating additives. She frequently teams up with Sønstevold. Recently, the duo assisted renewable energy company Neste Oyjin with several opposition matters. “As he manages patent portfolios and produces crucial strategies, Aamot demonstrates a keen comprehension of technical concepts.” He brings ideas to fruition with ease and supports his service users as they grow. 

Bronze - Firms: prosecution and nullity

The Scandinavian giant Zacco has an office in Munich to support its patrons at the EPO. The practice is led by patent attorney Heiko Pittner, an expert in quantum optics. Pittner has 20 years’ experience in the IP profession and has assisted clients in industries as diverse as automotives, software, food processing and robotics. “Heiko is an excellent partner for universities and academic spin-outs who seek cooperative, intelligent and technically astute patent counsel. Heiko can write and communicate very effectively in both German and English, including complex patent technical reading and writing. He is reliable and responsible and delivers top-notch work in a time-sensitive manner. Heiko is consistently good and can definitely be recommended.”

Firm Profile

Zacco is an international full-service IP solutions and brand protection specialist, with around 125 authorised patent attorneys and 75 authorised trademark and design attorneys, operating globally and in most sectors. Our combined aim is to view the world as our customers do, building practical strategies that cover their IP, brand character and content.

Zacco became a part of the OpSec Group in 2023 so we are now around 1300 experts. Together we help organisations to develop, manage and protect the value of their IP throughout its lifecycle. Combining physical and digital brand protection solutions to bring authenticity and assurance, from the creation of new assets and identities, to monetisation of rights and content, to protection against infringement and abuse.

Zacco, and many of our colleagues, regularly achieve Top Tier rankings and recommendations from Managing Intellectual Property, World Trademark Review, Intellectual Asset Management and The Legal 500, which we believe independently verifies our commitment to quality, excellence and innovation.

Patent, Trademark and Design Prosecution

Our international presence means a single point of contact can handle IP prosecution in multiple jurisdictions. Many of our patent attorneys are authorised EPAs so we have an expert ready to advise you on nearly all current and emerging fields of technology. As a client, you will find a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner able to help you secure, monetise and enforce your ideas, whether you work physically in chemistry, greentech, mechanics, materials or biotech, or digitally in digitalisation, software, AI or machine learning, among other areas. We also provide many IP portfolio management and in-sourced services, such as in-house paralegals.

Our trademark and design practice assists all industries with filing and prosecution, availability and infringement opinions and has a special focus on EU trademark practice, including oppositions, cancellations and appeals before the EUIPO.

We cover ten European jurisdictions directly including the EUIPO/EPO, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Austria and Switzerland, and operate internationally through a comprehensive network of trusted long-term global partners.

Litigation and Disputes

When in need of expertise in IP litigation and dispute matters, clients can rely on Zacco. We are renowned experts in IP, with both the legal and the technical proficiency in-house to successfully represent your interests and enforce your IP rights. This could be directly, in cooperation with leading law firms, or providing litigation and technical support to other counsel or trusted representatives before the authorities.

The legal practice serves all industries with advice and assistance related to IP. This includes due diligence, drafting and negotiation of contracts or licensing agreements, or Data Protection, marketing law and other compliance matters. We also advise on e-commerce, litigation, domain name conflict resolution, customs surveillance and counterfeit prevention, among other areas. Zacco has successfully represented international clients in proceedings before national courts and the European Court of Justice.

Digital Brands and Security

With a significant portion of IP infringement now taking place online, we have introduced services to help clients stay ahead of new and emerging threats to both physical and digital IP. Our Digital Brands team can actively monitor your IP and brand rights online, assisting with registration and securing of traditional and emerging domains, and identifying and removing potential counterfeits or infringements across online marketplaces, social media and the metaverse. We also provide cybersecurity training and testing, digital forensics and secure software development services.

IP 360: The Future of Intellectual Property

Zacco takes care of our clients’ innovation, identity and digital assets – everything that you literally cannot put your finger on. We help define them, evaluate them, release their hidden value and protect them, both now and in the future.

The world changes, and so do we. Zacco continuously evolves to best serve the changing needs of IP. Digitalisation means traditional borders or sectors no longer apply and we have broadened our scope of services to meet the implications, threats and opportunities that emerge.

More than 150 years of innovative thinking

We have a long history of protecting, monetising and enforcing IP, and list many leading brands and innovators as clients. Our focus on close collaboration, technical expertise and high quality makes Zacco one of Europe’s leading IP solutions specialists.

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