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“Yulchon is the finest. It has an in-depth expertise in patent, technology transfers and licensing – especially in pharmaceutical technology.  It is comprised of experts in many fields, whose experience and skills are outstanding. They give quick, reliable feedback, have in-depth knowledge of their subject area and provide an accurate estimation of results.” Yulchon’s innovative, top-notch contentious practice rises to the Gold tier this year, based on the breadth, depth and quality of its work. Stellar litigator Jeong Yeol Choe leads the IP and technology group. A former judge for over 20 years – with three years at the patent court – he now uses his extensive experience to successfully represent high-profile names in the courtroom. Also possessing copious experience in the judiciary are Da Woo Lee and Min Seung Ku. The former served at various courts, including the patent court, while the latter has additional experience serving as the chief judicial researcher at the IP division of the Supreme Court. “Min Seung Ku has vast knowledge and experience.” Previously a senior legal counsel for Samsung Electronics and in-house counsel for Procter & Gamble, US-qualified Samuel SungMok Lee has a sharp business instinct and rich international knowledge, which help him to smoothly resolve foreign and domestic IP issues on behalf of highly prestigious service users. “Samuel is great. His feedback is always swift. He understands the customer very well. Further, his background in chemistry is extremely useful.” Similarly cosmopolitan, Jay Hoon Byun offers a compelling blend of international and domestic IP knowledge. Having trained in the United States for many years, he can seamlessly assist multinationals seeking IP help in South Korea, and help domestic entities to successfully resolve their issues abroad. Dynamic and proactive, Hyeong Joo Lim heads the new industry IP team, while computer science and engineering expert Hee Woo Jo specialises in technology-related cases. After obtaining her doctorate in pharmaceutical science, registered pharmacist Kyung Ae Yoon served as a KIPO chemistry examiner, chief of the pharmaceutical examination division and chief trial judge at IPTAB, where she specialised in high-stakes pharmaceutical matters on behalf of domestic and foreign companies. Also a former KIPO examiner, Sang Tae Jeong has a strong technical background and 14 years of examining mechanical and electrical engineering patent applications. “He is exceptionally professional and good at networking. He replies quickly to any questions and has a friendly attitude. He always sees the big picture when it comes to patents.” Former adviser to the patent investigations department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of Korea, Sea Yoon Cho is meticulous and excels in highly technical matters, especially those related to material science and engineering. “Sea Yoon Cho has excellent analytical and writing skills. He is also a great communicator.”

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