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Having served Korean companies for 40 years, YOU ME Patent & Law Firm remains top of its game in patent prosecution. Providing “good analysis” to patent drafting and IP infringement, the “responsive” team filed nearly 5,000 patent applications in Korea in 2020 alone, covering another 133 countries for IP filings. Its new branch office in Bundang further caters towards SMEs in the region. Qualified in California and trained in electrical engineering, David Hunjoon Kim has represented clients before Korean courts and the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

Firm Profile

YOU ME Patent & Law Firm was established in 1981 and over four decades has grown to become one of the largest IP boutique firms in Seoul, Korea. With over 260 employees (patent and trademark attorneys, attorneys at law with technical backgrounds, engineers, specialists and paralegals) from Korea, Australia, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand, the firm provides conventional and non-conventional IP services to both domestic and international clients. Such diversity also means that the primary languages fluently used in the firm are Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese.

Unique set-up

YOU ME has an unusually high employee retention rate of 86%, which reflects the balanced and nurturing working environment it provides. Employees are actively encouraged to regularly update their IP knowledge, improve their communication skills and deepen their cultural awareness through educational seminars, programmes and overseas work experience. As a consequence, they feel heavily invested in the success of the firm and in achieving client objectives. This in turn means that the quality of services provided remains consistently high and employees can handle IP matters effectively across different jurisdictions. Currently, the firm has one of the highest filing rates at the Korean Intellectual Property Office; it oversees patent applications in more than 30 countries and trademark applications in more than 50 countries for domestic and international clients.

State-of-the-art technology

YOU ME has invested significant time and resources in developing highly advanced management software. The firm uses a comprehensive IT system to manage IP portfolios and due dates for prosecuting applications. This fully digitised system creates a flexible working environment and guarantees that client deadlines are met without delay. To keep pace with working trends, the firm has also recently begun using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. By working intelligently, the firm provides sophisticated services that remain uninterrupted even if external challenges arise. In addition, due to a mutual agreement with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, comparisons of recorded data are conducted periodically, which prevents data discrepancies between offices and ensures the highest level of IP protection and client care.

IP services and practice areas

YOU ME provides IP services relating to patent, trademark, design and copyright prosecution; trade secrets; infringement and validity opinions; licensing and IP transactions; IP counselling and strategic advice; and China, Japan and US-focused IP matters, in fields and technologies across the board, including aerospace, aviation and drones; automotive, robotics and mechanics; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; e-commerce and software; chemicals; clean energy and renewables; consumer products; electronics, telecommunications and computers; electrical engineering; Internet of Things; materials science; metallurgy; medical devices; and semiconductors and integrated circuits – for domestic and international clients, large and small.

In addition to these conventional services, the firm also provides translation and drafting services of specifications and documents required by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, inventor interviews and IP consultations for international clients that have acquired or set up R&D companies in Korea. Further, as the firm houses attorneys at law with technical backgrounds, which is quite a rare combination, around 20-30 rejection appeals, invalidation actions, trials to confirm scopes of claims, cancellation actions and other disputes are skilfully litigated before the Korean Intellectual Property Trial and Board of Appeal each year.

As the firm continues to see an increase in demand for more non-conventional IP services, it is constantly developing new ways to evolve into an IP service provider that can readily accommodate ever-changing business needs.

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