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Xsensus is not your traditional patent prosecution ensemble but has a modern look and feel that emphasises efficiency and uses advanced technologies to achieve it; prioritises the alignment of patenting and commercial strategies; and attaches importance to relationships and constant investment in them. The firm has experienced phenomenal growth in the electrical engineering prosecution space that has, in turn, fuelled development of its contentious practices – a narrative that pays testament to the foresight, dynamism and innovativeness of founding partner Bradley Lytle. As a prosecutor, “Brad is highly experienced and knows how to deal with examiners, who he has a knack for persuading over the phone in order to rescue applications that appear to have reached a dead end in the examination stage. He gives an immediate response to just about any patenting question, along with useful strategies and has an excellent international network of contacts who he can put clients in touch with. He and his team handle last-minute, urgent requests without any fuss.” Also highly recommended is fellow founder Andrew Harry: “Andy interviews examiners frequently and has a strong focus on getting matters to allowance as efficiently as possible.” Together with Masahito Yokoyama, a Japanese native who has served as a patent attorney in-house with Hitachi and Sony, they represent a leading electronics manufacturer, which has transferred more than 1,000 cases to their care over the past two years. Seasoned electrical and mechanical patent prosecutor and former USPTO examiner James Kulbaski has also seen similar significant increases in his responsibilities, in recognition of the quality of his work product.

Firm Profile

At Xsensus, we do things differently.

We have taken the traditional IP law firm framework and turned it upside down. We focus on relationships, bright minds and the latest technology to deliver innovative and creative solutions to our clients. Xsensus is reinventing the way an IP law firm works.

While larger firms often try to contain costs by having less experienced patent agents or technical advisers produce work while being supervised by a partner, Xsensus focuses on an open and collaborative environment between our experienced attorneys. This enables Xsensus to be free of the inefficiencies that plagues so many of the traditional prosecution firms. We respect each other and share a common vision of making our clients happy and successful.

Our approach has worked.

Founded in 2018, Xsensus was recognised as the Fastest Growing IP Firm in the TOP 100 in both 2019 and 2020. In 2021 the firm obtained over 1,000 granted patents, but more importantly filed more than twice that number of US patent applications, placing it solidly in the echelons of US patent firms.

Xsensus’s growth isn’t just in patent numbers but in expanded client base and expanded services. In 2021 alone, Xsensus started working with several Fortune 500 and multinational companies. Our practice has seen the rapid expansion of the chemical and medical device practices with the addition of former partners from other firms (including the named partners from two firms), PTAB filings, licensing, due diligence and pre-litigation on various projects. As is evident from the number of requests from an increasing number of clients, Xsensus is filling a void by effectively supporting companies obtain licensable patents that are cultivated via strategic prosecution at the USPTO.

Xsensus has also been recognised by Virginia Business Legal Elite (2021), Best Lawyers Best Law Firms (2022) and IAM Patent 1000 (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).

Xsensus’s success continues to rely on its founding ethos: create a collaborative teamwork climate, invest in technology-driven processes and be motivated by results. This mission has resulted in Xsensus consistently acquiring top talent from firms throughout the industry.

Headquartered blocks from the USPTO, we dedicate our resources to developing and maintaining strong client relationships, managing direct dialogues with the USPTO and continually investing in our internal team and community. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and issues, and then work closely with them to provide services and creative solutions to their challenges.

Our goal was to establish a modern practice filled with top talent that also aligns with client expectations: excellent attorneys who share an interest in obtaining commercially respected patents; efficient and error-free administration; reasonable fees; and collaborative working relationships with patent examiners who also share an interest in issuing valid patents in as few office actions as possible.

The firm’s culture allows the same attorneys who worked at Big Law to now work in an environment where it’s encouraged to take time to get to know each client’s real interests, as opposed to a strong focus on selling them on a new litigation. Our clients are deeply appreciative of working with attorneys whose main aim is to address the issues that are important to their well-being.

We’re proud to have established Xsensus as the go-to IP firm for many companies that are respected global leaders and are delighted to consistently hear that we are entrusted with many of our clients’ most important projects. The feedback has been consistent: Xsensus’ attorneys are not only knowledgeable, we truly care about protecting our clients’ best interests, something we demonstrate by performing extra tasks to ensure success, regardless of the company’s original request and without upselling the client on additional services. Andrew Harry, Xsensus founding partner and patent attorney

We specialise in the following practice areas:

  • patent procurement and prosecution;
  • industry standards;
  • counselling and strategic advice, including review & recommendation of internal IP processes;
  • trademark and design patents;
  • IP licensing and transactions; and
  • contested proceedings (inter partes reviews, post-grant reviews, re-examination).

Our expertise spans a variety of high-tech industries, including:

  • consumer electronics;
  • Internet, mobile and software;
  • telecommunications;
  • semiconductors;
  • fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies;
  • infrastructure, energy and heavy industry;
  • manufacturing and logistics;
  • medical devices;
  • chemicals;
  • batteries; and
  • pharmaceutical and biotech.
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