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“Global knowledge and understanding of patent matters, coupled with utmost professionalism” are only two of the many reasons clients enlist the services of Von Seidels. “The team communicates effectively, drafts with care and precision, and takes into account the inventor’s thoughts and wishes too. Meticulous and commercially minded, they ensure that inventions receive the widest and best possible scope of protection, while also serving as mentors and helping first-time rights holders find strategies that best suit them.” Its forward-thinking and innovative approach was exemplified when the squad secured the issuance of the world’s first patent for an invention that lists AI as the inventor. Actively involved in the matter was founding partner Erik van der Vyver, an electronic engineering and computer science ace with considerable experience under his belt. The prosecution practice is further enhanced with the expertise of stellar attorneys Bastiaan Koster, Ralph van Niekerk, Sandra Clelland and Gunther Roland, all of whom have “an exquisite mastery of technical subject matter”. Koster’s involvement in international organisations has given him a broad awareness of current global IP issues, which he applies when managing large-scale portfolios, while van Niekerk and Clelland have been supporting a leading US biotechnology company in securing optimum patent protection throughout Africa. Of Roland, one source comments: “His efficiency and ability to see the big picture, along with his strategic and concise advice, make him a delight to work with.” On the litigation side of the practice, Rowan Joseph shines, earning high praise from his patrons: “When our investors learn that Rowan is involved, there is an immediate sense of confidence and calm that takes over the conversation. Von Seidels and Rowan are the names that people trust.” “Our go-to guy when it comes to patents, Rowan brings home good wins and we really value the relationship.” Completing the line-up is Llewellyn du Toit, a pharmacist who also excels in licensing negotiations. His vast understanding allows him to have a bird’s-eye view of multifacetedissues.

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