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Gold - Firms: litigation

Susman Godfrey is a discerning choice for high-stakes litigation. It has a deep bench of lawyers who are extremely well versed in terms of trial strategy, highly adept at presenting to judges and juries, and happy to work under innovative and flexible fee structures. Founder of the Seattle office Parker Folse is the first name on the team sheet. He is a force to be reckoned with in all kinds of patent, commercial and antitrust cases. So, too, Matthew Berry, who is supremely confident in his handling of patent infringement and licensing disputes. An excellent creative strategist, Genevieve Vose Wallace has given Susman Godfrey good visibility at the International Trade Commission. Andres Healy gets positive results in all kinds of ways, including summary judgment grants, Section 101 invalidations, trial verdicts and Federal Circuit rejections and affirmances; he is an agile lawyer who makes good things happen whatever he is presented with.

Gold - Firms: litigation

One of the top patent litigation outfits in the entire country, Susman Godfrey has an imposing line-up of trial lawyers in Texas and elsewhere who are well adapted to go the distance in the highest-exposure cases. Exceptional collaboration among its professionals helps to dial in the firm’s litigation strategies optimally; excellent training, mentoring and leadership, meanwhile, ensure that presentations in court are pitch perfect, whether made by senior or more junior members of the team. Justin Nelson, Max Tribble, Lexie White, Joseph Grinstein and Andres Healy all have the chops to lead trial teams to major verdicts, which they do regularly in headline-writing fashion.

Bronze - Firms: litigation

Susman Godfrey has a fearsome reputation in litigation, founded on its intense results focus, agility at trial and risk-sharing approach. Its lawyers tend not to specialise but take on major IP, commercial, antitrust and other cases; they get to see the inside of the courtroom a lot and have honed their advocacy skills to a fine point as a result. Managing partner Kalpana Srinivasan has won groundbreaking victories but does not let it go to her head; she is easy to work with and is someone who gives back, as seen in her commitment to the wider diversity and inclusion cause in the legal profession.

Recommended - Firms: plaintiff

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