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“Everyone we have ever dealt with at SUGIMURA & Partners have been exceptional, diligent, professional practitioners. The firm’s practical insight, cost-friendliness, attention to detail and carefully crafted solutions, which keep clients’ needs in mind are outstanding. The quality of work is on par with some of the best in the world.” “It is very proactive in accommodating last-minute requests. Its turnaround time is quick.” With affiliated offices in Silicon Valley in the United States and Leeds in the United Kingdom, and a multilingual team of almost 100 patent attorneys and lawyers, as well as an expansive network of foreign associates, SUGIMURA & Partners is the perfect ally for anyone seeking IP protection and enforcement in almost 200 countries, in regions including Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The in-house technical translation group adheres to strict standards to deliver flawless and quality work. In 2021, the practice welcomed a high-profile foreign patron in the electrics industry. Managing partner Kenji Sugimura uses his experience as a professional architect to litigate cases pertaining to architectural and mechanical engineering. “Kenji is always a very reliable, extraordinarily competent and knowledgeable attorney.” “Mr Sugimura’s depth of knowledge and professionalism are well known to all IP experts in the region, perhaps the world. He handles complex technical matters with consummate ease. His insightful advice is tactical and timely.” “His leadership caliber is evident. His forward-looking perspective has been shaped by his deep knowledge of intellectual property not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States.” On the non-contentious front, executive director of Global Operations Takayoshi Kawai specialises in sophisticated image processing and on-vehicle technologies, AI, telecoms and anything pertaining to automotives and aircraft.

Firm Profile

SUGIMURA & Partners is a leading Japanese IP law firm founded in 1923. With offices in Japan and the United States, SUGIMURA provides convenient IP services to domestic and international clients. In 2017, SUGIMURA expanded its services to include legal matters encompassing litigation and dispute resolution.

Customised IP solutions

SUGIMURA delivers results-oriented solutions and offers customised services tailored to its clients’ needs. SUGIMURA understands the importance of branding in an organisation’s corporate strategy and provides comprehensive trademark-related services. The firm has extensive experience representing clients in trademark and design matters, including clearance, registration, negotiation, litigation and border enforcement. SUGIMURA has distinguished itself through its quality work and has been listed as a leading Japanese trademark prosecution law firm.

SUGIMURA attorneys also provide a full range of patent prosecution, licensing and counselling services. Similarly to its trademark practice, SUGIMURA has distinguished itself for its quality patent drafting and continues to be ranked among the top patent prosecution law firms in Japan. Its attorneys combine legal insight, technical expertise and business acumen to deliver practical solutions and strategies for IP protection in Japan.

Reputation for quality

SUGIMURA has earned an international reputation for quality in Japanese IP prosecution. SUGIMURA attorneys are not only skilled in the nuances of IP law and regulation, but they also possess technical and practical expertise across every technology and business sector. SUGIMURA attorneys have years of experience working in major corporations as researchers, engineers, IP professionals and in-house counsel. Some have also served for decades at the Japan Patent Office (JPO). This combination of expertise allows SUGIMURA to understand the perspectives of corporations and patent and trademark owners, as well as that of the JPO, enabling it to deliver practical and effective solutions to further clients’ business objectives.

While most Japanese IP firms outsource translation work, SUGIMURA retains in-house translators to strengthen the quality of cross-border prosecution and ensure the technical accuracy and legal appropriateness of translated documents. The translation department is skilled in Japanese, English, German and Chinese.

In addition to in-house translators, SUGIMURA has in-house IP draftspeople. The inclusion of in-house translators and draftspeople increases quality, ensures congruency and avoids time delays in IP prosecution.

Diverse clientele

SUGIMURA represents Japanese and international clients pursuing patent, design and trademark protection in Japan. This clientele ranges from individual inventors and start-ups to well-established academic institutions and multinationals from all sectors of the global economy, including automotive, aviation, transportation, food and beverages, consumer goods, fashion, sports and recreation, chemical, software and hardware, electronics, e-commerce, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical, energy, agriculture, entertainment and media, construction, semiconductors, optics, telecommunications and manufacturing.

International capabilities

SUGIMURA has significant experience providing legal advice to international clients concerning patent and trademark prosecution and enforcement in Japan. SUGIMURA attorneys are often sought to consult on the important differences between Japanese IP practices and clients’ domestic IP practices. SUGIMURA’s high level of technical expertise, extensive knowledge of Japanese IP practice, and experience in cross-border trademark and design prosecution enable it to provide succinct advice regarding Japanese IP matters in an understandable and actionable manner.

In order to better serve international clients, SUGIMURA established an affiliate office in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. With this office, SUGIMURA offers clients convenient accessibility and around-the-clock responsiveness.

Community involvement

SUGIMURA attorneys are active in their community, presenting on topics related to Japanese IP practice to in-house teams, at patent and trademark seminars and to law school classes. The firm’s attorneys also publish articles on Japanese IP practice in magazines distributed worldwide.

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