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Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 2023 is Stratjuris Law Partners, a Pune-based, dynamic IP boutique. The outfit has carved a niche for itself in dealing primarily with domestic innovators, especially start-ups, and is known for achieving quick grants through the expedited patent application route – some in as little as 130 days. The team of 26 practitioners blends legal and technical acumen to prolifically draft, file and prosecute patents across a variety of fields. Having worked in start-ups, corporations, law firms and even the Supreme Court, chairman Pradip Nandi has the diverse experience necessary to provide multidimensional advice and guidance to patrons. Meanwhile, managing partner and head of patents Priyank Gupta has vast expertise supporting start-ups, including as a part of the StartupIndia Scheme. Throughout his 20 years in the business, he has drafted over 2,000 patents and prosecuted over 8,000. He recently represented Vinati Organics in drafting, filing and prosecution of numerous patents, the fastest of which was granted 148 days from filing the request for examination.

Firm Profile

Stratjuris Law Partners is an India-based IP law firm with an international outlook. Headquartered in the industrial city of Pune (Western India), Stratjuris has emerged as a go-to Indian law firm for domestic clients, which represent more than 70% of the firm’s clientele.


  • all the partners are lawyers with a tech background.
  • we have consulted and represented in IP matters for over 700 startups under the government StartupIndia scheme in the past five years.
  • we are featured by Forbes India in its Top 50 Law firms for 2020 & 2021.
  • the firm has developed its own docketing software that is customised to provide custom alerts for deadlines and to-do tasks.
  • the firm deploys AI-based software for IP data mining in both patent and trademark domains.

Patent, trademark and design prosecution

The firm has seamlessly created large IP portfolios for Indian and overseas filers. The firm’s patent attorneys have experience in drafting and prosecuting patents in numerous tech domains including chemistry, food tech, telecom, software, defence, and automobile. It worth mentioning that the firm is heavily engaged in drafting, prosecuting and analysis of electric mobility domain patents.

The firm has substantial patent opposition (pre and post grant) experience on behalf of both patent owners and opponents that are challenging patents.

Our trademark and design practice assists all categories of clients with filing and prosecution, opinions and handling of other issues before the Indian Intellectual Property offices. Recently, the firm was able to secure “Well Known Trademark” status for two consumer brands under the newly introduced provision for recognition of well-known trademarks under the Indian trademark rules.

Litigation and disputes

The partners of the firm represent Indian and overseas clients at District Courts and High Courts throughout the country and have extensive experience litigating all types of IP claims, including patent, trademark and copyright infringement, passing off, trade secret misappropriation and contractual disputes.

The firm has successfully helped its clients in handling IP-related cases including six patent infringement suits in Germany and a trade secrets dispute in USA. The firm has also assisted clients in trademark infringement and passing off matters in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, UAE, Djibouti, Mozambique and Yemen.


The firm consists of a diverse workforce, representing several states of India and female lawyers constitute 55% of the firm’s workforce. Languages spoken by the firm’s lawyers include English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada and Tamil. Many of the firm’s lawyers have also studied overseas and are part of an extensive alumni network of lawyers from across the globe.

Practice areas

  • patent drafting
  • patent prosecution
  • patent clearance opinions
  • patent research (for domestic and overseas clients)
  • filing of patent, designs, copyright and trademarks
  • patent and trademark oppositions
  • brand strategy and policy
  • commercial contracts and IP  
  • trade secrets advisory and enforcement
  • custom recordals
  • IP litigation and dispute resolution (Pan India)
  • handling IP disputes outside of India
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