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“Slater Matsil is a five-star practice that is a valued and trusted partner in patent-related work. Its team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, able to execute complex prosecution strategies, and entirely committed to high-quality work and customer service. It makes the prosecution process a positive experience.” Founders Steven Slater and Ira Matsil each come highly recommended. “Steven is very professional and always strives to meet or exceed customer expectations. He is very knowledgeable about his service users’ business and technology and is appreciated for his reliability in delivering a high-quality work product.” “Ira always makes himself available for insight and guidance and rolls up his sleeves to dive into a project. He is eager to drill into the details to obtain a deep understanding of complex inventions and provides significant technical and critical insights in the crafting of patent documents. He arduously analyses every word for accuracy with a fanatical focus on producing the most thorough document possible in a timely manner.” A named inventor on 25 issued US patents, Srini Chakravarthi is brilliant at working with technical professionals to implement smart and creative patent protection. He has been working closely with Matsil to support STMicroelectronics, a patron of more than two decades, draft and prosecute patent applications across the world. Debuting in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, Benjamin Nise understands the business criticality of achieving meaningful protection and is a prolific and successful filer on behalf of Infineon Technologies – Germany's largest semiconductor manufacturer – for whom he also conducts ongoing analyses of competitor patent portfolios. Also working on this matter is Michael Kucher, who brings a unique edge to his practice as a registered patent attorney in Germany. European entities flock to Kucher for his in-depth international insight and wonderfully well-rounded patent expertise. 

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