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The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

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Firms don’t get as clear a look into competitors’ prosecution offerings as they do in the head-to-head practice of litigation, making peer feedback in this space harder to come by; that said, there’s never any shortage of recognition for the quality on offer at Schwegman. The innovative, technologically advanced boutique of 120 experienced attorneys and agents procures cast-iron patents that confer a distinct business advantage on their holders. Andre Marais is a magnet for Silicon Valley companies, but has an international reputation that draws in clients from Germany, China and elsewhere. He has a complete command of networking, software, communications and electrical technologies.

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A stellar boutique at the forefront of innovation in patent practice, Schwegman has a virtually unsurpassed reputation for sophistication and quality. Notable threads in the firm’s recent narrative include deploying state-of-the-art docketing, analytics and machine learning tools to drive efficiency, and deepening its international expertise with the addition of attorneys schooled in European and Chinese patent law. Taking advantage of its well-developed remote working infrastructure, which it has invested in since its earliest beginnings, the firm has also maintained its outstanding service and collaborative culture throughout the pandemic without interruption. Schwegman has a new name in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2021 in Suneel Arora, whose ability to keep plates spinning in perfect balance for large institutional technology companies with global portfolios and patent needs earns him credit. His practice accentuates the protection of electrical software, mechanical and biomedical technologies. Making their return to the listings, meanwhile, are Steven Lundberg, Timothy Bianchi and Bradley Forrest, who each benefit the group in unique ways. Lundberg is the engine of the firm’s legal technology innovation and an authority on software patenting; Bianchi is an internationally acclaimed strategist and post-grant proceedings leader; and Forrest has a passion for technology and a first-hand understanding of the invention process, having previously managed the IP department of IBM.

Firm Profile

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner was founded in 1993 with the goal to develop a new IP law firm model with the primary aim of obtaining excellent quality patents while maintaining a commitment to innovation. Today, Schwegman has grown to over 120 patent attorneys and agents, many with advanced technical and life sciences degrees.

What we do

Schwegman is an IP boutique firm that focuses on original drafting and filing of patent applications, with high-tech clients located throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world. In addition to patent prosecution services, we also have deep experience with freedom-to-operate clearance, opinions of counsel, post-grant review and inter partes review, due diligence investigations to support fundraising or mergers and acquisitions, licensing and agreement work, and litigation support. Schwegman does not have a litigation practice; however, we can partner with litigation and trial attorneys from law firms of your choosing.

IP services

  • Copyright and data counselling
  • Foreign rights
  • Fractional in-house counsel
  • Freedom to operate
  • Licensing
  • M&A/start-up due diligence
  • Open-source licensing
  • Opinions
  • IP analytics
  • Patent prosecution
  • Post-grant proceedings
  • Portfolio management and analysis
  • Trademarks

Industries (selection)

  • Chemical and materials science
  • Clean technologies
  • Electrical and computers
  • Life sciences and pharma/biotechnology
  • Mechanical and electromechanical
  • Medical technologies
  • Software and e-commerce


Schwegman’s culture of innovation enables us to provide excellent IP services and technology solutions. We built one of the first software-as-a-service docketing platforms, Foundation IP (later sold to CPA Global), a claim-mapping tool (Claimscape®), a file history summary tool (ClaimTracker), and a portfolio management tool (Dashboard) that allows instantaneous access to in-depth performance metrics around a group of patents.

Analytics-managed prosecution

Our trademark and patent analytics team helps our clients make informed choices about their filings. Validating filing strategies with competitive and personal portfolio metrics can help clients make better and more cost-effective decisions about their investment in intellectual property.

Benefits to clients

Client-centric teams

Attorneys, paralegals, a quality assurance officer and case management staff are assigned directly to every client. Our highly trained staff, well-established internal procedures and quality checks guide every operation.

Excellent work at cost-effective levels

Our technology, low attrition, multiple-office locations and structure enable our attorney hourly rates to be reasonable.

Ability to meet a wide range of filing capacities

We have the bandwidth to handle high volumes within narrow timeframes, urgent filings, prosecution, post-grant proceedings and non-infringement/validity opinions.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Schwegman values diversity in our inclusive office environment. We believe that diversity can help contribute to collaborative efforts and to building a positive and supportive workplace and community.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group continues to actively foster a culture embracing diversity. The group is committed to leading, advocating and coordinating firm-wide diversity and inclusion efforts.

Commitment to our community

Involvement in the Twin Cities, the Silicon Valley community and Austin, as well as other communities where our satellite attorneys live and work, is an important part of our work and mission.

Schwegman fosters and maintains a strong bond within our communities through participation in non-profit organisational and financial support of charitable organisations and causes.

International presence

Schwegman is privileged to serve an international roster of clients that includes multinational corporations, middle-market businesses, start-ups, universities and individuals. Our clients benefit from the high-quality, strategic counselling and client service that are our hallmark.

In addition to our Minneapolis, Silicon Valley and Austin locations, Schwegman also has a UK team. Further, our dedicated director of China Intellectual Property, Aaron Wininger, counsels both US and Chinese companies on portfolio development and preparation of their patent applications and office action responses. His knowledge of both the Chinese and US markets enables him to advise his clients as they expand their patent portfolios and look for investors to help the company grow.

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