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“Plasseraud IP stands out from its peers as one of the most dynamic IP firms in France. As part of one of the foremost IP practices in Europe, its attorneys have a really impressive set of skills both technically and legally across all scientific fields. They are proactive and quickly understand the details of their clients’ problems. The group’s services are always cost effective. Every partner and associate in the place is knowledgeable in science and IP law. The paralegals are very efficient. The firm builds business relationships in step with the client’s pace, with a long-term perspective, strengthened by results and on-time deliverables, with trust as a core value. The teams really listen to their patrons. They deliver wise advice and secure the strongest, best-protected patents they can.” The dual-qualified Éric Burbaud splits his time between Paris and the Czech Republic, where he leads the Prague office. He has particular expertise in the automotive, aerospace, internet of things, telecommunications and medical imaging fields. “Jean-Marc Coquel is very competent in patent matters. In particular, he has a deep understanding of mechanical matters in the life sciences. He understood technology relating to cardiac pumps very quickly.” A wide-ranging practitioner, Coquel has a PhD in physics and often works in the fields of mechanics and optics. He heads the Bordeaux and Angoulême offices. “Anne Desaix not only has an excellent command of the technical fields – she is an expert in chemistry and life sciences as well as human and animal health – but she is also excellent when it comes to strategic issues. Anne helps her clientele to understand complex issues and to translate them into accessible language. She is very good at analysing all aspects of a given file. She cooperates well with in-house teams; undoubtedly, she is a leading patent professional.” Across the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, Sonia Dias is a strong choice. She knows the sector incredibly well, putting her in a strong position to dish out penetrating analyses of the prior art and compelling FTO reports. She is knowledgeable about SPCs and is well versed in EPO oppositions. “Marion Fauré is a highly skilled and technically astute engineer. Not only are her skills impressive, but her attention to detail, and the kind, educational exchanges she has with her clients are very satisfactory. Marion is definitely a warm person who always tries to do whatever is necessary in order to meet our requests and expectations.” “Albert Hassine is extremely knowledgeable and knows perfectly how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a given patent. He is constantly available to his clientele and is extremely useful in the technical assistance he provides, both for preparing the briefs and the pleadings. Albert shows great patience explaining different strategies to overcome prior art. He is quick to jump on a call and open a discussion to efficiently solve a problem. He has a technical mind and can understand new innovations, new technologies and the challenges behind patents easily.” For mechanical, electronic and IT inventions, Christophe Jolly is an important name to know. With a PhD in medical imaging, he has strong insight into the intersection of technology and the medical sciences, especially ultrasound technology. Alongside deep technical and scientific expertise, he has also cultivated comprehensive knowledge of the industrial landscape, allowing him to deliver commercially sensitive advice. Toulouse office head Charlotte Leleu has a firm handle on portfolio management. With a strong background in applied mathematics and computer-implemented inventions, she has developed particular expertise in the fields of big data and AI, including where these issues cross into the healthcare sector. Managing partner Bertrand Loisel has over 30 years’ experience in intellectual property. A computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering specialist, he works on a wide array of matters, also bringing his depth of experience in patent prosecution to bear. Often called on for technical support in infringement proceedings, he also puts in regular appearances at EPO oppositions. Joining the IAM Patent 1000 for the first time this year is biotech and fluid mechanics expert Laurence Loumes. Qualified to appear before the USPTO and the equivalent Canadian body, Loumes brings an international dimension to her portfolio management practice. She has 15 years’ experience drafting top-notch patent applications. “Charlotte Montaud displays sound expertise and strategic vision. She has strong experience in complex multi-party agreements, including consortium agreements or R&D agreements. She can provide, on tight timelines, sound comments and advice on clauses that extend well beyond IP matters. Her insight, regardless of topic, is always fruitful and well grounded. She is pleasant to work with. She is clear, efficient and makes herself available for any urgent matter. She makes an effort to understand patrons’ business goals and their IP priorities.” “One of the most influential patent professionals in France, Cyra Nargolwalla is really well known and a leading light in the profession. Her attention to detail and dedication to getting the best outcome for her clients are legendary. She is an immensely skilled and high-quality patent prosecutor. She demonstrates a clear commercial orientation and a tenacious dedication to achieving her patrons’ goals and strategy. Her commitment to seeing things from the clients’ perspective means she often seconds team members to work inside client teams. She forms close relationships with her clientele. She is an incredible leader who has passed this culture of detail orientation and commercial focus to her team. She is very helpful, responsive and is always professional – she delivers service with a smile on her face. She is very nice, lively and down to earth, approachable and people oriented. She goes beyond professional interaction and really gets to know her clients. Last, but not least, Cyra does all that with enthusiasm and passion.” “Frédéric Niemann and his team are very competent in the biotechnology fields. He is very proactive in identifying solutions to possible problems. He is highly recommended for his excellent expertise. His advice is always relevant and in line with customer objectives. He is pragmatic and precise in his counsel.” “Mathias Robert has an immediate and clear understanding of the complex patent situation in the field of AI, medical imaging and cross-border measures. Mathias and his team are highly qualified and business oriented. Their level of responsiveness is also particularly appreciated. It is a real pleasure to work with them.” “Nadine Rocaboy is very competent, pleasant and easy to work with. She provides work of the highest editorial, scientific and legal quality. Nadine’s advice is very precise and she delineates clearly the necessary steps to take and the latest regulations in force. She carries out her work to tight deadlines. She is very friendly and great to collaborate with.” “Ina Schreiber is a great patent prosecutor. She is always responsive, professional and client oriented. She finds solutions to difficult situations with ease. Incredibly proficient and knowledgeable, her IP expertise for EPO and French domestic proceedings is outstanding, and she is also strong for foreign proceedings. She has a great international network and is skilled at coordinating litigation. She is well prepared for the UPC and is incredibly knowledgeable about its projected procedure. Ina is at the forefront of case law, IP trends, proceedings and the like, to provide meaningful advice on patent application and prosecution. She always has her clients’ interests at heart and focuses on understanding their needs and providing prompt and high-quality services. Ina is thorough and straightforward; she can be relied on, and patrons trust her completely. Her level of engagement and attention to detail are key to securing meaningful IP. Ina provides contrast and asks the ‘what if’ questions to solidify clients’ approaches. She adds value to everything she touches. There are dozens of law firms in Europe with the expertise to handle complex work, but there is only one Ina Schreiber.” Joining the firm from Cousin & Associés in January 2023 is Sandrine Bouvier-Ravon. In the words of patrons: “Sandrine is a top-class professional and an all-round expert in IP. She has a lot of expertise in patent litigation, and she loves to get her teeth into technology. She is approachable, a clear communicator and very pleasant to work with. She and the whole firm represent great value for money.”

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