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Life sciences and pharmaceutical specialist boutique Pearce IP “is well placed to outcompete the much more expensive large law firms. All of the members are highly qualified, and almost all have technical qualifications.” The group has received glowing feedback from patrons: “I have always had the impression that their technical expertise goes beyond the expertise of other firms. There are other firms offering their services at lower costs, but Pearce IP can, in my opinion, justify higher costs due to the team’s expertise.” “Possibly the best and brightest team on the market”, it is “extremely responsive and helpful”. With consistent growth in its talent pool, the outfit is now home to a deep bench of 45 IP professionals. Among them, Katrina Crooks and Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien make their debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. Previously captaining Shelston IP’s disputes department, Crooks has unrivalled litigious experience, especially in the field of life sciences and chemistry-related industries. A molecular biologist by trade, Flattery-O’Brien draws judiciously upon her doctoral pedigree to provide commercially minded counsel to big names in the biopharmaceutical sector. Namesake litigator Naomi Pearce is a “real go-getter”. “She is the only one who has had the wisdom and foresight to put together a niche team who are highly skilled and experienced in patent litigation.” Enthusiastic patrons never hesitate to give her effusive praise: “Naomi is one of the best patent litigators in Australia – she is quick, strategic, smart and easy to work with. She combines the strengths of being a tactical litigator with the strategy and insights arising from having been in senior (global) in-house big pharma roles.” On the prosecution front, Belinda Hartmann, Grant Shoebridge and Jennifer Enmon are some other key names to note. Dedicating herself to obtaining the broadest commercially relevant protection for her clientele, Hartmann skilfully prosecutes patent portfolios in multiple jurisdictions. “I have used many patent attorneys and Belinda appears to have an uncanny ability to read the minds of examiners, anticipate their objections, and pre-emptively prepare the patent application to avoid future objections.” “Belinda has a deep understanding of our business, technologies and products, which really assists her in drafting our claims, assessing prior art, and advising us on the best strategies for protection. She is also well versed in the quirks of applications for various jurisdictions and providing advice on how to adjust our claims, to be successful.” The “outstanding” Shoebridge is a highly sought-after patent attorney with specialist expertise in immunology. He is also “one of only a few patent attorneys who is highly skilled in the strategy of Australian and international patent litigation”. Chemistry PhD Enmon has in-depth understanding of patent law in multiple jurisdictions and adeptly assimilates technical scientific detail with legal prowess: “She is the best patent attorney I know with experience in US, European and Australian patent law. Her level of expertise is outstanding and is of great benefit to all of her clients.”

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