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A firm whose star is rising in the Chinese litigation market, PC & Associates offers the full gamut of IP services. The side enjoys a burnished reputation as a troubleshooter in non-practising entities issues for foreign big tech companies. Its growing profile in Chinese courtrooms can be chalked up to partner Wei Dong, a sage litigator who is meticulous in his pursuit of the best possible outcomes.

Firm Profile

PC & Associates (PCA), together with its members, is a distinctly integrated service provider for IP rights with patents and trademarks at its core. It provides clients with comprehensive and multidimensional quality services in IP agency, litigation and operation.

Practice areas

  • IP clearance searches – we conduct pre-filing patent and trademark clearance searches and portfolio searches and report search results with advice promptly. In recent years, we have produced more and more freedom-to-operate searches and analyses in response to increasing demand.
  • Filing and prosecution of patents and utility models – we prepare and file national patent and utility model filings before the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and national phase entries for Patent Cooperation Treaty patent validations in China. Also, we draft patent descriptions and claims and provide technical translations in Chinese, English, Japanese and German. 
  • Filing and prosecution of designs – we prepare and file national designs before the CNIPA and monitor prosecution progress up until issuance of the registration certificate. 
  • Filing and prosecution of trademarks – we prepare and file national trademark filings before the CNIPA and Madrid international trademark filings to the WIPO with designated member countries. We draft lists of goods and services, suggest amendments according to local standards, suggest Chinese translation and/or transliteration of Latin marks, and monitor prosecution progress up until issuance of the registration certificate. Also, we file oppositions, cancellations or invalidations; handle trademark renewals; and record assignments, licences and changes of name and address. 
  • Filing responses to office actions or appeals against rejections – we report official notifications from the CNIPA with comments promptly, and timely file responses or appeals upon instructions.
  • IP enforcement – we draft and send cease and desist letters, conduct investigations to collect evidence or file complaints with the Chinese administrative organisations such as the administrations for industry and commerce and Customs.
  • IP litigation – our legal department has extensive expertise in handling administrative and civil lawsuits in China relating to patent, trademark and anti-unfair competition issues. We have in particular gained an excellent reputation for dealing with patent infringement matters.   
  • IP operation – we provide complete services relating to consultation, navigation, standard compliance, licensing, trusteeship, evaluation and securitisation of intellectual property.

Specialised IP team

Headquartered in Beijing since 2008, the firm has offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen and representative offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco. In 2021, the firm also set up offices in Hefei, Anhui Province and Yichang, Hubei Province. The total staff of PC & Associates is about 100, including 40 patent attorneys, 12 trademark attorneys and 30 attorneys at law, 16 of whom have two or more qualifications. In addition to excellent educational backgrounds and professional skills, senior attorneys have also worked in top-tier law firms or IP agencies, or in government departments before joining PC & Associates. They have also accumulated abundant experience during their many years of practice. Some have studied and worked overseas. Besides their native Chinese, they also speak English, Japanese and German.

Outstanding IP litigation

The firm’s IP litigation practice is well established. Since 2008, at least eight patent litigation cases represented by the firm have been selected as annual typical cases by the Supreme People’s Court, and the ‘use environment feature’ proposed by PCA in these cases has been adopted and written into judicial interpretation.

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