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Highly-recommended - Firms: prosecution

“Top-tier IP firm” Onsagers is “highly recommended on every level – it has excellent attorneys with strong scientific backgrounds across a range of industries, who all have a genuine interest in understanding the businesses they work with and provide advice tailored to match”. The life sciences provide a happy hunting ground, in which Kari Simonsen, Kim Livgard, Dorte Lajer and Edmund André Høydahl have earned glittering reputations. “An encyclopaedia of EPO case law and one of the best patent attorneys in the country, Kari gives creative, straightforward advice. She knows the best arguments to put forward from a technical standpoint and is, beyond comparison, the finest choice for litigation support in the pharmaceutical sector.” Also hailed as one of Norway’s best, Livgard is “super-intelligent and a great listener. He has deep technical understanding and can explain complex matters to legal judges in a pedagogical way”. Chemical engineer Lajer positions herself as a true business partner, finding ways to bring added value to clients’ internal infrastructure, and has all the answers to tricky questions on European practices – all of which makes her a fan favourite among small entrepreneurs and giant multinationals alike. A new face in the guide this year, Andre Høydahl brings a rare skillset to the table as a trained pharmacist. His wisdom and experience gained as senior engineer at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) stands him in good stead to handle any instruction that comes his way. Physics, energy generation and power electronics are strongholds for Per Reiner and Endre Woldsted.  A former R&D engineer at ABB, Reiner is a familiar face before the EPO, with a pristine track record in opposition and appeal proceedings; while the “skilled and hands-on” Woldsted is in his element coordinating worldwide portfolios and devising shrewd strategies.

Firm Profile

Onsagers AS is a leading full-service IP firm and IP strategy adviser in Norway, acting globally with a dedicated international team.

Team of international IP experts in Norway

Onsagers’ dedicated international IP team offers a one-stop-shop approach where attorneys at law and European patent attorneys with extensive international experience work in close collaboration.

Our international team has comprehensive experience in trademark and patent prosecution and enforcement, including customs seizures, passing off and unfair competition cases, as well as trademark and patent infringement and validity cases – some of which have attracted international attention. We will give you the best professional and cost-efficient advice for your intellectual property in Norway.

Our team members have vast experience representing clients before the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), as well as at WIPO, the EPO and the Nordic Baltic IP Committees. Our experience ensures up-to-date insight into Norwegian IP practice and efficient advice and best strategy for your IP rights.

Your Norwegian IP partner

  • Onsagers is one of the largest, leading and longest-established IP firms in Norway, with over 70 years of practice.
  • Onsagers promises to give professional, clear-cut advice with a practical, no-nonsense approach; we dare to say “GO”/“NO GO”.

Our objective is to be your privileged partner for the protection, management and exploitation of your intellectual property. Through open dialogue and unambiguous advice, combined with modern technology, up-to-date services and a cost-conscious approach, Onsagers offers premium quality IP advice.


Onsagers has a strong position within the Norwegian exports industry and is their preferred choice when it comes to portfolio management. The firm also works with many of the stock exchange-listed companies.


The firm employs more technical PhD graduates than any other IP law firm in Norway, lending the team in-depth knowledge of the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and shipping industries.

The life sciences pharma team is headed by Kari Helen Simonsen and consists of both in-house legal pharmaceuticals experts and strong biochemistry patent prosecutors.

The firm also offers strong competence in prosecution before NIPO, employing as it does more former NIPO examiners than any other Norwegian IP firm.

Onsagers also excels in litigation and was part of the team that won the Apple trademark infringement case before the Supreme Court after leading the litigation in the previous court instances.

The Onsagers experts typically work in combined legal and technical teams wherever relevant and especially in infringement matters to ensure that all the strategic sides of the case are covered.

The highly respected and very competent legal-technical team headed by Ulrikke Asbøll and Henrik Rode are special IP advisers to the unicorn and tech company AutoStore, handling and coordinating all IP matters from due diligence investigations to IP strategy, as well as handling and prosecuting patent and trademark applications.

Diversity and corporate social responsibility

Onsagers has a strong focus on diversity and gender equality. The firm has a 50-50 employment rate of women and men. We actively and continuously work to promote and recruit more female partners, with already more than 30% of partners being female – an unusually high percentage in Norway. Some 65% of the board members are female. More than 10% of Onsagers employees are from non-Norwegian origin.

Professional memberships

  • Association of IP Professionals in Swedish Industry
  • epi
  • European Communities Trademark Association
  • INTA
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and its Norwegian group NIR
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • International Institute for IP Management
  • Licensing Executives Society
  • Norwegian Patent Attorneys Association
  • Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
  • Swedish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

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