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With “extensive experience in handling patent prosecutions in Korea”, NAM & NAM has developed its expertise since the earliest stages of Korean intellectual property. Clients can rest assured that their intangible assets are handled with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity, given the firm’s ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications. For many large multinational corporations, the team of nearly 50 patent attorneys – many of whom are headquartered in Europe and the United States – is the obvious choice. After 15 years of working for Qualcomm in California and Samsung in South Korea, managing partner Ben (Beyong-ho) Yuu has returned to NAM & NAM to focus on growing its domestic client base. An invaluable member of the IP strategy group, Sung-wook Kim specialises in electronics, semiconductor and computer software.

Firm Profile

As a pioneer in the field and the country’s oldest IP law firm, NAM & NAM is synonymous with intellectual property in South Korea. The hallmarks of our success have been a relentless pursuit of excellence and a refusal to compromise on quality since the day the firm was established in 1952.

NAM & NAM has been trusted by both domestic and multinational clients for almost 70 years. This trust stems from the quality of our services, provided by outstanding professionals who deliver effective solutions drawing on their considerable experience and know-how. Our professionals have backgrounds in key technologies and are trained with the specific needs of global clients in mind. With a focus solely on IP-related matters in South Korea, we are constantly expanding our practice and can be relied upon for effective and clear advice, no matter the issue.

Certifications and processes

To ensure a consistently high quality of work output and information protection, the firm has established and operates systemised work procedures to adhere to strict quality management standards. The firm is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified.

Pre-filing application review

  • A pre-filing review system is applied to adapt patent applications prepared in other countries to best fit Korean patent practices.
  • This includes a review of the claims, alternative forms of IP protection, the possibility of expedited examination and subject matter suitability.
  • Amendments to the claims are recommended to conform to local practices.

Response to office actions

  • A pre-report is produced within one business day of receipt of any office action.
  • Full comments on the office action are provided within three weeks of receipt of the office action.


NAM & NAM has one of the largest and most complete IP practices in South Korea, covering all forms of intellectual property and all major areas of technology, with a particular focus on the fields of electronics, artificial intelligence, biology, mechanics, branding protection, trademarks and designs.

Practice areas

NAM & NAM has expertise in all aspects of the protection of intellectual property, as detailed below.

Preparation and prosecution at the Korean Intellectual Property Office

  • Availability searches, clearance searches, prior art searches and assessment
  • Searches for prior-registered designs and for trademark availability and analyses
  • Drafting, preparing drawings, filing, reviewing and amending claims and descriptions
  • Reviewing and responding to office actions
  • Requesting re-examination following final rejections
  • Freedom-to-operate investigations and analyses of technology trends
  • Provision of information on third-party pending patent applications
  • Evaluation of technology and IP assets, technology transfer
  • IP licensing

Appeals/trials before the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board

  • Appeals against decisions of refusal
  • Appeals against final rejections
  • Appeals against decisions of dismissed amendments
  • Administrative cancellation trials
  • Correction and invalidation trials
  • Confirmation of scope of right trials
  • Invalidation of correction trials


  • Visiting Customs and providing IP rights holders with useful information, including appraisal results, photos and identity of consignors/consignees
  • Devising strategies to combat infringers and/or counterfeit goods based on statistics and other information
  • Sending cease and desist letters and/or taking legal action, including civil suits and criminal accusations
  • Conducting training sessions for customs officers to improve their knowledge and skills in discerning genuine and counterfeit goods

Court proceedings

  • IP dispute arbitration, litigation and criminal accusations
  • IP trials, invalidations, cancellations actions and oppositions
  • Trade secret disputes, copyright disputes, domain name disputes
  • IP enforcement, injunctions

NAM & NAM always strives for excellence in line with the firm’s motto: “PAVE the way for client success,” where PAVE stands for prestigious, accessible, value-adding and effective. Acting as a bridge between our clients and their IP success in South Korea, we encourage you to experience our specialised, innovative and high-quality services.

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