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Bronze - Firms: prosecution

A go-to for any prosecution needs, Merizzi Ramsbottom & Forster “has the expertise and genuine creativity to prepare patent applications in emerging and novel disciplines such as biotechnology. Its practitioners know how to translate inventions into well-drafted claims and have the foresight to incorporate details that can be used down the line when filing other applications in similar fields”. In Ottawa, André Merizzi is “a master at what he does. He has a constructive approach to drafting, covering subject matter as broadly as possible while focusing in on claims that are commercially useful. He is friendly, skilled at handling complex technologies, provides valuable insight and recommendations and keeps communication lines open. Simply, Andre is one of the best”. Making his IAM Patent 1000 debut this year, the “responsive and highly organised” James Ramsbottom operates out of Victoria: “James thinks critically and his combination of scientific knowledge and artful patent construction is rare to find.”

Firm Profile

Merizzi Ramsbottom & Forster (MRF) was founded in 2013 to create a modern multidisciplinary firm that relied on available technological solutions to enhance service offerings through efficient and cost-effective approaches to case management, office procedures, team development and collaboration. Each of the firm’s founding partners, André Merizzi, James Ramsbottom and Alistair Forster, relied on a decade of past experience working both in-house and at reputable Canadian IP firms to craft MRF’s practices, objectives and priorities. MRF has since grown organically to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations through our personalised strategic consulting services.

Indeed, MRF now services clients directly in Ottawa (Ontario), Vancouver and Victoria (British Columbia) and Gatineau (Quebec), delivering services in both English and French.


Our professionals specialise in patent and trademark portfolio development and offer personalised strategic consulting services in intellectual property. Our team has the determination and strategic expertise required to protect our clients’ inventions and brands. They work in close collaboration to offer the technical and legal solutions best adapted to the clients’ personal and business needs, for the development of a winning strategy that will ensure success today without limiting their options for tomorrow.

We offer comprehensive technical assistance and legal consulting services in intellectual property and patent and trademark protection across Canada, the United States and abroad, through our extensive network of associates. Our professionals offer first-rate services to clients worldwide via our proven advanced case management system.


MRF relies on a team of highly reputable IP lawyers and registered agents who stand apart for their vast technical and legal experience, as well as their client-centred approach, all while delivering creative and high-quality services with a human touch.

MRF is led by its three founding partners supported by three additional professionals focusing on patent and trademark procurement for their clients.

With extensive backgrounds in science and technology, the MRF team never shies away from digging deep into their clients’ technologies to get their hands dirty and fully investigate patentable concepts in formulating commercially viable IP strategies. Indeed, the team has proven particularly successful in efficiently and cost-effectively securing market-relevant intellectual property for their clients by comfortably arguing highly technical nuances with examiners locally and abroad.

The MRF team also develops comprehensive and creative trademark procurement and enforcement strategies for their technical and non-technical clients alike, to great success.

Combined with strategic virtual in-house IP legal services, the MRF team can help its clients build a solid IP foundation.

Technical fields

From software and photonics clients in the tech industry to research and diagnostics clients in the medical field, we are leading the information age in patent procurement, specialising in the high-tech sector. We regularly represent clients in the following fields:

  • Software/information technology – we have a proven track record of prosecuting software-related inventions in Canada, the United States and abroad, while navigating this continually evolving legal landscape, often through direct examiner interviews (in Canada and the United States) in which our clients’ true innovations can be more readily explained and highlighted to secure meaningful claims.
  • Photonics/optics – our professional team counts three in-house post-graduate physicists who readily dive deep into our clients’ technology to creatively capture the essence of their innovations.    
  • Mechanical – a picture is worth a thousand words, and in mechanical patents, pictures are key to a fully enabled description of your invention; but an effective mechanical patent claim strategy should go well beyond those pictures to truly capture the essence of your invention, and avoid creative workarounds.
  • Biotech/natural sciences – vectors, cDNA, pharmaceutical compounds and compositions, natural health products, methods and products-by-process – if it is publishable or saleable, chances are there is patentable subject-matter. We help our clients navigate where strategic claim drafting can help to protect the patentable aspects of their research and lay the groundwork for protecting future research streams.
  • Industrial design registrations/design patents – MRF advises on strategic design protection (often underestimated) that goes beyond the basics to truly capture the various innovative design aspects and variants of our clients’ products so to best secure their slice of the market.   

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