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Prep and pros shop Magellan IP has been making waves on the Brazilian IP scene thanks to its dynamic approach to filing and portfolio management: “The firm is a breath of fresh air – it can be trusted to provide the best, most concise and forward-thinking advice, all in a timely and client-centric manner.” The life sciences is a stronghold for the young boutique, which has lately been tending to the portfolios of clinical-stage Brazilian biotech company Recepta Biopharma, the Broad Institute (in relation to CRISPR technology) and stem-cell innovator Avita International; however, its innovative approach also resonates with other ground-breaking disruptors, such as Uber Technologies, which recently enlisted it to protect its assets in Brazil. Linking up on the Broad Institute piece are Leonor Magalhães Galvão and Caio Rodrigues da Silva. “The cream of the crop”, Galvão has “a very detailed understanding of IP issues and complete devotion to her clients”. Her legal and technical prowess is complemented by fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, making communication with her international client base a breeze. da Silva acquits himself with distinction in the medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceutical fields, and also heads up the firm’s design practice.  

Firm Profile

magellan IP provides a wide range of IP services in the main Portuguese speaking countries: Brazil, Portugal Angola and Mozambique. The services range from prosecution and administrative litigation before the local patent and trademark offices, to general consulting services and litigation support in partnership with renowned law firms.

The firm’s name was inspired by the Portuguese born navigator Ferdinand Magellan, who one the founding partners descend from. Magellan was one of the great explorers of his era – the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean and to launch the expedition that first circumnavigated the world. Many believed then that Earth was flat and that his mission was an impossible one. But he saw things differently and his voyage was clear proof that Earth is indeed round. And just like Magellan did with Earth, magellan IP sees the world of intellectual property differently.

Combining traditional values with a modern approach to managing and addressing IP problems, magellan IP helps its clients navigate the world of intellectual property and demystify the protection of intellectual property in Portuguese- speaking countries.

It advises a wide range of clients, from the smallest start-ups and university technology transfer centres to the largest multinational corporations, such as The Broad Institute (with its CRISPR portfolio), Uber Technologies, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp, Laboratoire Français du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies (LFB), Invista Technologies, Avita International, Recepta Biopharma, Orygen Biotecnologia and Angelus Odontologia. Companies such as CIPLA and Pfizer also use the firm’s services for opinion work.

The firm’s team has extensive experience and very broad knowledge of intellectual property. The founding partners have advanced degrees from prestigious universities in Brazil and aboard, have previously worked in top-ranking Brazilian and Portuguese IP and law firms and have established reputations as experts in their field. They also bring the cultural benefits of having several nationalities and having collectively lived on three continents and in several countries.

Their team of 25 collaborators includes five partners and 12 patent experts who share their fluency in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

The firm’s philosophy centres on six main areas:

  • Client focus – the firm strives to maintain a close and personal relationship with each client. By focusing on clients’ goals, the firm is able to provide them with customised, high- quality services that bring added value to their businesses;
  • Efficiency – by using a world-renowned cloud-based encrypted project and matter management system, and having an 100% paper-free practice, magellan IP team members are able to safely access files anytime, anywhere, and are therefore able to provide more reliable and efficient results. Productivity is not obstructed by bureaucracy and conflicting internal issues that often affect established IP and law firms;
  • Ethics – honesty and integrity are the foundations upon which the team’s conduct is built, following the highest ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws. Conflicts are taken seriously, and the firm represents only businesses whose standards of conduct are aligned with its own;
  • Quality – providing the best results is at the core of magellan IP’s professional DNA. The firm is known for advising its clients of their realistic chances of success and potential pitfalls before embracing a new project. Clients are never sold unnecessary services, or services that the firm may not be fully equipped to provide;
  • Fair pricing – obtaining superior results and controlling the cost of acquiring and managing IP portfolios are often competing priorities. Thus, the founding partners devoted time and thought to structuring the firm in a way that avoids costly and unnecessary overheads. Most services carry a fixed fee and where this is not the case, costs are informed on a project-by- project basis;
  • Equality – diversity and individual contributions are highly valued, with a trusting and inclusive environment that reflects the values of magellan IP. The founding partners are proud of the very positive feedback received from everyone at the firm. Fostering an engaging and creative place to work where every individual matters is one of their main goals.

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