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The Patent 1000 focuses exclusively on patent practice and has firmly established itself as the definitive 'go-to' resource for those seeking world-class legal patent expertise.

Bronze - Firms

Lee & Hayes makes itself indispensable for in-house legal teams thanks to its understanding of and focus on the commercial side of IP practice. The outfit has always approached intellectual property as an asset class and is somewhat of a pioneer in doing so; partly as a result of this, its culture is not the traditional law firm culture but one that is more dynamic, innovative and collaborative. This works well for practitioners such as Bill Dyer and Bruce Bower, who anchor the team in Atlanta. Dyer is a former in-house IP counsel with an acute business sense and finely honed advocacy skills. Bower also has lead counsel experience but excels in USPTO work, too.

Silver - Firms: prosecution

A deep understanding of the interplay between intellectual property and business gives Lee & Hayes its edge. It dials in an attentive service for start-ups and Fortune 100s, demonstrating an ability to use IP tools optimally in the pursuit of commercial goals. Helping to make the outfit one of the legal market’s most progressive boutiques is board of directors’ member Rob Peck. He is vastly experienced across several technologies and is someone clients bring in on the ground floor to advise not just on the protection of inventions but on the very process of innovating. Rob Hartman, Richard Allen and David Divine have a similar outlook; they accurately assess patrons’ market positions and tailor strategies accordingly. Many of the firm’s practitioners extend themselves internationally and prosecute on a global basis, with Bea Koempel-Thomas coming to mind in this regard. The group maintains a robust life sciences practice, in charge of which is Rachal Winger, who has a neuroscience PhD.

Firm Profile

Lee & Hayes is a pre-eminent IP practice with expertise that goes beyond the basics of intellectual property. More than 80 seasoned IP specialists provide patent, trademark, copyright and litigation services to individuals and companies ranging from start-ups to members of the Fortune 100. Lee & Hayes’ corporate and US Food and Drug Administration practices synergise with our IP core to plan and execute comprehensive business strategies for our technology and life sciences clients. Lee & Hayes rose to prominence championing the understanding that intellectual property and its complimentary disciplines are not a commodity but an asset class. With this mantra central to all we do, we partner with our clients creatively and nimbly, in a value-based way that energises each of their businesses. At Lee & Hayes, we are more than intellectual property; we are effective and valued partners. This unique model gives Lee & Hayes unparalleled insight when servicing clients – but do not just take our word for it:

  • Lee & Hayes has been recognised by US News & World Report – Best Lawyers 2020 as a best law firm;
  • The firm has been ranked as a top-quality US patent firm overall and for information technology by IAM for seven consecutive years; and
  • Our attorneys have been recognised by Super Lawyers as 2020 Rising Stars.

Our guiding tenets are as follows:

  • Clients first – Lee & Hayes represents a select number of premier clients worldwide and collaborates closely with them.
  • Intellectual property at the core – as intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of clients, we designed our firm with an array of sophisticated IP services at the core, supported by transactional, litigation and corporate services.
  • Innovation – Lee & Hayes continues to innovate IP strategy to help clients align their IP strategies with their business objectives, offering value-added insights on a wide range of IP-based, business-critical issues.

IP litigation

Lee & Hayes’ nationally recognised IP litigation attorneys enforce and defend clients’ patent, trademark, trade dress and trade secret rights in every possible venue, including federal district and appellate courts, state courts, before the US Patent and Trademark Office and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and at the International Trade Commission. We represent individuals and companies ranging from start-ups to members of the Fortune 100. And with significant expertise challenging and defending the validity of patents through the inter partes review process, we craft and execute dispute resolution strategies focused on minimising disruption and expense to your business, while achieving excellent outcomes.

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