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“LAVOIX provides highly reliable and professional services to the full satisfaction of clients. The team is very knowledgeable and smart, with in-depth technical skills and expertise. The firm offers good value for money and keeps tight control over its pricing. Its attorneys will definitely be ones to watch when it comes to the UPC. Camille Pecnard is an outstanding patent litigator and highly recommendable for patent infringement matters. He is used to handling complex cross-border litigation and invariably comes up with a thoughtful strategy and a clear advice. Very professional and transparent, he always makes the decision which is best for the client. Camille is highly responsive, creative and flexible in thought. He has invaluable authority in conducting saisie-contrefaçon investigative infringement seizures, even under very difficult circumstances.” The outfit’s patent attorneys also pick up commendations from patrons. “Bertrand Domenego is a mastermind for complex technical matters. He is not only a very good patent attorney, but also a strategic coordinator with a practical and global understanding of clients’ needs and their every possible development. He is very experienced before European Courts and the EPO, and he serves his clientele with great prudence and foresight, with an unconditional commitment and perseverance to achieving the best for them. The whole attorney team really impresses with excellent technical expertise and accuracy, and they never miss a detail. Their quick reactions, efforts to understand matters deeply and global strategic vision ought also to be mentioned. The team cooperates very well – they are one of the best. The overall impression conveyed by working with the firm is very high level. They are real experts: quick, pragmatic and know how to explain complicated patents to laypeople.” President Philippe Blot is a patent attorney and qualified litigator. Tenacious and strategic in his approach, he is a regular port of call for high-value prosecution, opposition work and for his commercial insight into the patent landscape. He and Anne-Sophie Auriol were recently called upon by Solecooler to deliver a financial evaluation of their patents, technology enabling thermo-regulating insoles. With a background in engineering, specifically in the field of optics, Auriol’s technical expertise is in high demand from her following. Another recent highlight for her involved opposing a Hitachi patent for Alstom. With a result favourable to the client, Hitachi has now appealed the decision. The other key name to know is managing director Gérard Myon, who has been named one of the technical judges of the UPC for the physics field. His expertise across a range of tech sectors and deep knowledge of the patent landscape will serve him well in the position.

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