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The top-tier team at Kasznar Leonardos delivers expertise across a vast array of patent services. The group stands out for its ability to support cutting-edge innovations across artificial intelligence, the online world, life sciences and semiconductors. Delighted clients report that “the team can handle large portfolios for patent prosecution and multiple litigation cases in all industry areas. Experiences with the firm are always good. They help in the drafting, reviewing and registration of patents, as well as licensing agreements.” Tatiana Almeida Silveira oversees the practice as the head of patents. She is an exceptional attorney who brings a variety of technical knowledge to her filings before the INPI. João Luis D'Orey Facco Vianna has a background in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He leads a highly accomplished life sciences team, alongside biologist Priscila Kashiwabara, who is a “master practitioner in the life sciences field”. Gabriel Francisco Leonardos brings over 30 years of IP experience to the patent squad, which has given him an exhaustive understanding of the country’s administrative and judicial litigation systems. Rafael Lacaz Amaral likewise stands out on contentious matters, defending patrons in multiple infringement proceedings. Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete builds exceptional IP defence strategies for her following, thanks to the 30-plus years of experience under her belt. Thereza Gonçalves Curi Abranches remains “a focal point for clients’ operations at the firm”. She is a thorough negotiator, who seeks the best monetisation strategies for her patrons’ assets. Claudio Roberto Barbosa deploys both his technical degree in computer programs and digital electronics, and his deep knowledge of intellectual property to provide services in filing and transactions. Armed with such a seasoned and specialised team, the outfit’s assessments “are always clear and precise, showcasing deep, insightful knowledge and fast, innovative and reliable service”.

Firm Profile

We have been building the future for over 100 years.

As innovators by essence, we are built to share and encourage creativity and diversity at all times. With extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of law, we create customised solutions to protect and optimise innovations that help to move the world forward.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of technical, legal and strategic services in the fields of trademarks, domain names, patents, copyright, geographical indications, digital law, unfair competition, trade secrets, confidential data, marketing law, sports law, fashion law, anti-piracy and compliance, industrial designs, technology transfer, franchising and licensing, negotiation of national and international contracts, regulatory law, protection of cultivars, life sciences and biodiversity, including the constant study of public IP policies in Brazil and Latin America.

In addition, we act as legal advisers in contractual matters, including IP licensing, and as lawyers, arbitrators and mediators in different spheres of the judiciary.

In order to provide an increasingly safer environment for our clients, associates and our own team, our firm holds a professional civil liability insurance – E&O; a cyber risk insurance; the NBR ISO 9001 certification, which standardises activities and processes, focusing on customer satisfaction; and is in the process of obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, which will endorse our best practice in the management of information security.

Our history

Founded over a century ago, in 1919, today Kasznar Leonardos is recognised worldwide for its IP law expertise.

The firm’s specialised team is both willing and able to meet the needs and technical and legal demands of projects in the most diverse sectors, working with companies of all sizes – whether large national companies, international companies and conglomerates, small businesses, start-ups, public entities, or even inventors and authors of works in general.

We are constantly updating our skills, studying public policies related to innovation and technology, both nationally and internationally. One partner at the firm will be in charge of all of a client’s work worldwide, either directly or through our global correspondent network, allowing effective coordination and centralisation of the client’s operation in multiple countries.

Respect and social responsibility

In addition to providing quality services to our clients, we at Kasznar Leonardos are aware of our role as potential drivers of social transformation. The support we provide to Hospital Pequeno Principe, the largest paediatric hospital in Brazil, allows children all over the country to receive better medical care so they can make a difference to society in the future.

Kasznar Leonardos also has a partnership with Camp Mangueira, a national non-profit organisation that provides social assistance and protection to teenagers and youths from poor communities, looking to contribute to the social and economic future of this young generation.

Diversity and inclusion

We recognise the importance of a diverse work environment for any evolving organisation. By valuing our employees and their different world views, lifestyles and means of expression, we affirm their central contribution to our growth. And as respect is a core principle of our work and a key reason for supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, we value diversity and a respectful professional environment for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, colour/race, age and physical/social conditions.

After five years promoting internal actions, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Programme in May 2020, aiming to foster debates and implement proactive measures inside and outside our office. This initiative is backed by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which reports to the firm’s Board of Directors, and our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, which reports to the Human Resources Department.

Our Annual Planning embraces initiatives focused on four different themes: gender equity, racial equality, persons with disabilities and the LGBTI+ community.


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