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Whether in prosecution or transactions, boutique outfit KARO IP knocks it out of the park, thanks to the varied legal and technical skills of its team, the valuable international network it has nurtured, and its ability to adapt and respond to its patrons’ needs. It is especially known for its strong relationships with telecommunications and automotive companies, which appreciate its knowledge and understanding of their respective industries as well as its creative and business-focused approach. Key among its team are hotshot patent drafters Justus Kreuels and Matthias Rößler, who together have been acting on behalf of some of the world’s largest car manufacturers across the past year. Both receive high praise from the market: “Matthias is a strong patent lawyer due to his technical know-how, his explicit and practical statements, and his straightforward work. He is very reliable, tries to understand issues from his clients’ perspective, and supports solutions that truly help the business.” “Justus always does his best to understand the industry clients operate in and to come up with tailor-made and good workable solutions. He is proactive, punctual and clear in his communication.” Working alongside them is veteran portfolio manager Hermann Kahlhöfer, whose influence stretches beyond Europe and across the United States and Asia. Joining this trio in the IAM Patent 1000 this year is Sven Jessen, a mechanical engineer who brings insight from his time spent working for Volkswagen.

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