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IPLodge makes it its mission to go above and beyond for patrons, dispensing vital strategic support throughout the patenting process. Its highly qualified attorneys leave no stone unturned to secure the strongest, most comprehensive protection for clients’ inventions. Key among them is Michaël Beck, a former research engineer at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Lab whose insider’s perspective on the industry proves invaluable. He integrates his professional and legal backgrounds to superb effect.

Firm Profile

Belgian patent firm IPLodge has established a strong reputation as a reliable firm that provides its clients with efficient and cost-effective legal protection for their innovations, while striving to meet the highest professional quality standards.

Taking the wider view, IPLodge goes beyond mere protection, offering legal and strategic support before, during and after the patenting process. Guided by its clients’ interests without missing an opportunity when it presents itself, the team of experienced attorneys and paralegals will identify the most adequate way to protect each asset, define exploitation strategies, and negotiate and draft secure agreements.

Areas of expertise

Operating primarily in the technical areas of physics, electronics and information and communication technology, IPLodge advises and represents corporations, universities and innovative spin-offs and start-ups from around the world. IPLodge’s patent services include searches, drafting and filing of patent applications, opposition proceedings, litigation support, agreements and transactions.

Drafting and filing of patent applications

IPLodge’s focus on a few well-defined technical areas enables it to get to the bottom of the technical aspects of every case it handles. At every step of the way, IPLodge helps clients understand the technical and legal issues, while keeping in mind their business interests. IPLodge helps clients take advantage of the various regional and international agreements to streamline the procedures to obtain parallel protection in multiple jurisdictions, and points out when clients could benefit from filing divisional applications and continuations, for example.

IPLodge’s patent attorneys are qualified to represent applicants before the European Patent Office and the national offices of the Benelux countries. For filing needs in other jurisdictions, the firm relies on its vast network of trusted foreign agents, while remaining the clients’ single point of contact.

As part of the European economic interest grouping EURIPTA (www.euripta.com), IPLodge has particularly close ties with sister firms in Germany (Michalski · Hüttermann & Partner), Italy (Studio Corradini) and Poland (Kaminski & Partners). The firms in this network, which share IPLodge’s core values of quality, integrity, flexibility and personal service, can be relied on whenever the scale, international character or special nature of a case requires it. In this way, the client can be supported by an integrated multi-site team under the lead of an experienced IPLodge attorney.


IPLodge has an exceptional track record in oppositions and opposition appeals before the European Patent Office. Whether the client is the opponent or the patent proprietor, it will benefit from IPLodge’s technical understanding, and legal knowledge and experience, to ensure the best possible outcome for the proceedings.


IPLodge will not blindly send clients into costly litigation, but openly discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each case to help clients choose the best course of action. IPLodge will help its clients negotiate a beneficial settlement if possible, and help them get through litigation if necessary.

When the Unified Patent Court (UPC) finally opens for business, IPLodge will have a UPC litigation team ready, consisting of European patent attorneys with the necessary additional legal qualifications to represent parties before the UPC. By combining legal and technical skills under one roof, IPLodge can help clients avoid, where possible, the costlier option of retaining attorneys at law for their representation and non-representing patent attorneys to assist them with technical matters.

Agreements and transactions

As a one-stop shop for innovative organisations, IPLodge supplements excellence in the protection of intellectual property, with the legal expertise required to allow clients to reap the benefits from their innovation by creating the right contractual relationships. Depending on each client’s needs, IPLodge can provide model contracts or negotiate the agreement that best fits the situation. In close cooperation with Bracquené Legal Consulting, IPLodge ensures that clients get the most out of their intellectual property and take maximum advantage of the various government research programmes.

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