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Making its debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year, inCompass IP is a mainstay of the Hong Kong patent prosecution scene – it operates with finesse across all industries and houses scientifically adept attorneys registered to practice across multiple key jurisdictions, including Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, mainland China, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Its hotshot team includes Ewan Bewley and Yannie Chan. Specialising in patent drafting for companies of all sizes, European and chartered UK patent attorney Bewley has previously worked in all areas of IP Law in senior roles both in private practice and as corporate in-house counsel. Meanwhile, Chan holds a doctorate in chemical engineering and builds patent portfolios with a deft touch.

Firm Profile

inCompass IP Limited comprises a team of attorneys based in our Hong Kong and London offices since 2012. Our attorneys are registered and practise in a diverse range of jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, China, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We provide international IP services directly to clients and work seamlessly across global IP offices. Our worldwide services provide the strategic advantage of ensuring uniformity of prosecution of multi-jurisdictional IP filings, as well as reduced prosecution costs.

Areas of specialism

We are an award-winning firm with attorneys who have been recognised as world-leading practitioners. Our professional services include filing and prosecuting trademark and patent (eg, invention patent, utility model patent and design patent) applications; drafting of patent specifications; patentability and infringement searches; trademark searches; legal opinions for patentability, infringement and validity; and advice on copyright matters. We are also well versed in securing IP rights for industries such as, but not limited to, biotechnology and biomedical engineering, chemical and chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, material science, nanotechnology, green technology, telecommunications, electronics, LED technology, computer-implemented inventions, mechanical engineering, semiconductor technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence and fintech.

Since the firm’s creation in 2012, we have been serving a broad range of clients including start-ups, SMEs and multinational companies locally and worldwide. Our attorneys are all professionally and technically qualified to understand clients’ invention and specific needs.

All of our attorneys also regularly provide patentability analyses, infringement and validity opinions, freedom-to-operate analyses and litigation support. This includes providing expert opinions for patent litigation conducted in the Hong Kong High Court. We have represented many clients at examination oral proceedings, opposition oral proceedings and Technical Board of Appeal hearings at the European Patent Office. We have also represented clients at hearings before the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department. We are presently engaged in a significant number of litigation and enforcement actions in mainland China involving the use of investigators to gather intelligence on infringing activities, initiating patent and design infringement proceedings in the courts in China and initiating patent invalidation proceedings before both the Patent Review Board  of the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Chinese courts.

Our attorneys are also experienced in IP commercialisation, having performed due diligence, advised on licensing, sale and acquisition in IP rights transactions, and assisted with a number of IPOs.

Our attorneys have also worked as both in-house corporate counsel and private practice attorneys. Consequently, we have experience from both the in-house and private practice perspectives and are therefore well versed in the strategies and issues involved. This includes experience working at senior levels for major firms in the United Kingdom and Australia, and for the largest international patent and trademark attorney firms in Hong Kong and Europe.

Our services

  • Original drafting of patent specifications
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark and patent (invention, utility model and design) applications
  • Patentability and infringement searches and opinions
  • Trademark searches
  • Portfolio management
  • Market intelligence
  • Enforcement and litigation support
  • IP strategy
  • IP transactions such as licensing-out, licensing-in, sale and acquisition
  • Initial and closing due diligence
  • Intellectual capital auditing and management
  • Training and education
  • Unregistered rights
  • Technical know-how
  • Confidential information
  • Trade secrets
  • Other advisory, drafting, filing, registration, enforcement and commercialisation services

Technical expertise

  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical and chemical engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering
  • Material science
  • Nanotechnology
  • Green technology
  • Electronics
  • LED technology
  • Computer hardware, software and computer-implemented inventions
  • Mechanical and mining engineering
  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Fintech


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