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“The Grüneberg and Myers team provides an excellent, client-focused service and an unrivalled cost benefit ratio. It is one of the best firms for patent prosecution in the US and the scope of granted patents is well beyond what could be reasonably expected.” Giving the ensemble its name are Kirsten Grüneberg and Eric Myers. Organic chemistry PhD Grüneberg represents leading companies in the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical fields, while Myers handles a diverse range of patent issues for patrons both large and small all across the world. Also highly rated is Richard Chinn, another organic chemistry PhD who excels in handling matters related to chemical technology.

Firm Profile

Grüneberg and Myers turned the traditional law firm model on its head, to set a new standard for in-depth, personalised, cost-efficient patent counsel. Now having operated about six years, the firm has grown to a team of over 25 professionals led by three partners with substantial experience in patent prosecution, appeals, litigation, post-grant proceedings and counselling.

The firm is 100% women and ethnic minority-owned, and includes diverse representation at all levels. Varied backgrounds strengthen the firm and provide wide-ranging perspectives.

Cost-efficient high quality

In an ever-changing market, Grüneberg and Myers offers cost savings for patent legal budgets. Because adaptations to modern business practices are difficult for traditional IP firms, Grüneberg and Myers started in 2017 to clean the slate and begin anew. With innovative office concepts and modern, paper-free law practice management systems, the firm reduced overhead, bringing prices to a very competitive level. Constantly updated, state-of-the-art file and docket management software provides robust cybersecurity and increased efficiency, within a reasonable technology budget. A modern office concept encourages collaboration between team members, and high-tech systems enable attorneys to monitor matters and serve clients on the go.

At the same time, the firm maintains high quality by recruiting experienced attorneys and staff. The founders have been ranked as individuals in the IAM Patent 1000 and Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers, respectively. The team includes graduates from prestigious universities such as Cornell, Duke, Penn State, George Mason University and George Washington University, as well as a Lynen fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Team members have previously worked at the International Trade Commission, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), The US Food and Drug Administration, in-house positions, large general practice firms and IP boutiques. The professionals at the firm include native German, Chinese and Japanese speakers.

Experienced staff support the firm’s attorneys. While the firm itself started in 2017, the firm’s staff leadership has worked in managerial and supervisory roles in larger, high-volume patent prosecution firms, thus carrying forward decades of institutional knowledge in an innovative, efficient environment.

Patent prosecution

The attorneys at Grüneberg and Myers prepare and prosecute US and international patent applications with skill and experience. Using the full menu of options available at the USPTO, including examiner interviews, pilot programmes and accelerated examination, Grüneberg and Myers pursues optimised, strong patent protection for its clients. The firm prides itself on detailed analysis of office actions and other requirements with fast turn-around, avoiding the need for extensions and facilitating greater familiarity with cases, both for applicants and examiners.

The firm also coordinates global patent prosecution and portfolio management. Often travelling and maintaining relationships with patent procurement firms globally, the attorneys at Grüneberg and Myers consolidate patent strategies and take the work off of in-house counsel.

With its low-overhead model, Grüneberg and Myers can prosecute applications within competitive alternative fee structures.

Post-grant proceedings, PTAB appeals, counselling and FTO

The attorneys at Grüneberg and Myers have years of experience with counselling, freedom-to-operate, PTAB appeals and post-grant matters. In addition, the attorneys at Grüneberg and Myers have performed large product IP clearance projects and have helped clients to navigate pharmaceutical Hatch-Waxman exclusivity and complex strategies in patent subject matter eligibility. The attorneys of the firm have also achieved substantial positive outcomes for clients in re-examination and in inter partes review proceedings.

When in-house counsel needs to operate on a budget, the firm can provide predictable costs.


Large, global corporations, including Fortune 50 companies, Fortune Global 200 companies, DAX 30 companies and Nikkei 225-listed companies trust Grüneberg and Myers with important roles in building and maintaining patent portfolios and in operating in competitive IP environments. The firm serves major companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas, supporting in-house counsel in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, construction, artificial intelligence and machine learning, electronics, and tools and machinery industries.

Clients have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the firm’s procedural and substantive handling of their patent matters, as well as with the firm’s flexibility to offer competitive pricing.


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