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Dusseldorf-based Gottschald Patent Attorneys was founded in 2008 and guarantees its clientele the very highest quality in patent prosecution. From technical expertise to portfolio strategies tailor made to each client’s particular business objectives, the firm is an excellent choice for patent work. Patrons rave about founder “Jan Gottschald’s intimate familiarity with the automotive industry and deep technical and administrative knowledge of the market. He clearly explains the most complex patent issues. He understands both technology and client business needs very quickly. He delivers proposals rapidly that clearly communicate the types of patents being applied for. Gottschald prioritises maintaining long-term customer relationships. His cooperation with his patrons extends far beyond basic filing advice. He and his team provide advice on new developments, so that solutions can be found that circumvent competitors’ patents and include new IP rights. Pragmatic approaches are also found in the case of potential infringements of IP rights, which ensure that client claims are successfully enforced.” Jérôme Krüger is also an equity partner at the ensemble. An efficient portfolio manager, Krüger brings his strategic mind to every customer interaction and every patent on which he advises. He has broad expertise in technical areas, particularly digital and automated innovation. 

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