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“A premier patent litigation firm, GEISTWERT is led by five highly experienced and entrepreneurial partners and a client-oriented team set on achieving their clients’ business goals. Their collaboration is exceptional, both in terms of content and results, and they are always focused and driven in their approach.” The stellar group recently represented TeleTan, the holder of a core patent of authentication processes in online banking, in an infringement claim. “In contentious proceedings relating to software development, Rainer Schultes, Constantin Kletzer and Alexander Schnider are goldmines of information”, and they all brought their A-game to the TeleTan dispute. Schultes is unfazed by the pressures of big-ticket disputes and translates complex matters into easily executable strategies, while Kletzer receives praise for his “reliable, astute and effective collaboration style. His quick wit and engaging manner make him great to work with.” “Alexander is a brilliant lawyer, not only because of his superior knowledge of the law, but also because of his commercial acumen and quick grasp of underlying business concerns.” Also on deck, Max Mosing and Juliane Messner have been working closely with Kletzer on behalf of Österreichische Post, the company responsible for postal service in the country, in technology transfer, licensing and monetisation matters. “A highly skilled professional and a familiar face before the EUIPO and the Austrian PTO, Max’s pragmatism and dependability produce exceptional results.” “Juliane is an outstanding lawyer who not only manages to identify risks, but also develops the right solutions to fix them. She combines her IP and M&A experience brilliantly, and clients are amazed by her professionalism at every turn.”

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