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Those who seek top-notch contentious IP service in China should look no further than Fangda Partners. Some of the world’s most valuable tech companies have relied on the firm’s IP litigators for years, and with good reason. The 70-strong IP team has continued to pick up some of the most attention-grabbing and high-profile disputes cases at all levels of China courts. Its seamless coordination of cross-border disputes also earns the outfit some loyal fans: “They are capable of considering the litigation strategies for their multinational corporation clients from an international perspective, even though the specific case is filed locally.” The rainmaker here is Alexandra (Pu) Yang. “She has rich experience to handle sophisticated IP lawsuits in China. She not only can provide her clients with practical legal advice based on the latest judicial practice in China, but, more importantly, her international insights can assist her clients to devise overall litigation strategies based on her years of experience on complex IP lawsuits.” “Alex Yang is the lawyer that I work with the most. As the team leader, Alex is able to manage different cases efficiently. Facing either an emergency matter or a large-scale litigation, Alex can designate the proper talents and return with good fact investigation and legal research in a timely manner. Alex is diligent, knowing the core facts of each case. She is advocative, arguing each case with confidence and a proper amount of zealousness. She knows how to stress the factual details and cite the recent laws and precedents, which often paves the way to a correct and balanced resolution that serves the client’s interests.” Her team at Fangda has acted as the exclusive counsel to Apple against Qualcomm in a series of long-running FRAND and patent disputes. Other litigious mavens include Haining Song and Fang Qi. Law doctorate Song has made frequent appearances in critical patent litigations, while Qi’s work focuses on protecting the technical know-how and inventions of his clientele, navigating regulatory compliance requirements, and defending claims of IP infringement.

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