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“I attribute excellence to everyone I have worked with at Di Blasi for providing high-quality work. The team has a great ability in appreciating the technology and strategically applying it to Brazilian patent law. They are highly recommended for patent filing, counselling and contentious matters in Brazil.” The renowned practitioners Gabriel Di Blasi and Marcelo Oliveira de Souza spearhead the practice. With his 35 years in intellectual property, Gabriel wields an unmatched level of knowledge of the Brazilian patent sphere; he is a tenacious litigator in the region, defending clients’ rights in the most pressing cases. He fights to protect patrons’ commercial interests using cross-border strategies in the life sciences and engineering fields. Marcelo contributes his background in telecommunications engineering to provide innovative and technically conscious solutions in the software, telecommunications, electronic and mechanical areas. The two practitioners oversee a large team whose ability to manage a demanding workload favours companies who come with a high volume of work.

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