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“The quality of service at COPA is exceptional; its attorneys respond super quickly, provide answers that show an incredibly comprehensive understanding of technical details and include a list of pros and cons for different patent strategies that clients can pursue.” It has an exceptional reputation in the life sciences and is highly sought after for technical support in high-stakes litigation between industry heavyweights. This also happens to be Mikkel Bender’s area of expertise. “One of the best attorneys in the field, Mikkel is extremely skilled, very pragmatic and has a unique way of explaining complex technical matters in a way that is easy for lawyers to understand. He also has a sound knowledge of European and Danish patent law, which alongside his thorough analyses of each case and critical and creative thinking, make him an outstanding counsellor who is willing to go the extra mile as a matter of course.” The boutique also has an exemplary track record in post-grant proceedings, and Axel Heimann and Steven Richard Kitchen acquit themselves with distinction before the EPO. “Axel is really tactically savvy and quickly familiarises himself with all the technical details of a case, resulting in submissions that are well founded, succinct and presented in the best possible way. He is proactive, diligent and full of ideas, and simply a joy to collaborate with.” Richard Kitchen is also a recipient of rave reviews. “A detail-oriented, skilful and creative attorney, Steven comes up with great solutions for his clients and is absolutely brilliant in oral proceedings. He knows EPO procedures like the back of his hand and handles matters with enthusiasm and flair.” Another post-grant pro, Peter Kim Jensen leverages three decades of experience to get applications across the line and his position as a technical judge at the Danish Eastern High Court and at the Maritime and Commercial High Court speaks volumes as to his industry knowledge. “The go-to attorney for those in need of meticulously drafted patent applications at the cross-section of electronics and mechanics combined with medical devices, Jacob Karstad Meyland impresses with his thorough and analytical approach to claiming subject matter. He is incredible to work with and his ability to grasp the nuances of an invention along with the overall business strategy is astounding.”

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