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Silver - Firms: prosecution

With over 110 lawyers dedicated to patents internationally, Cooley has a well-resourced global patent group. It also maintains one of the best life sciences and medical device offerings in the United States, essential contributors to which are Seattle attorneys Bill Christiansen and Carol Laherty. Christiansen has an in-depth understanding of the business and competitive potential of patents, and shapes his strategic portfolio advice to maximise protection and opportunities for his clientele. Laherty shines as a global portfolio manager and strategist.

Recommended - Firms: prosecution

Recommended - Firms: transactions

Bronze - Firms: litigation

Well-roundedness is one of the defining features of Cooley’s global patent group, which represents over 1,000 patrons in a strategic counselling and prosecution role, has led on 1,000-plus investor and company-side patent due diligence reviews, and which litigates extensively in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its experts in the DC metro area reflect the wider group’s broad horizons and collectively cover all the bases: Scott Talbot is one of the most sophisticated counsellors on deck and takes on high-level patent procurement, licensing and enforcement assignments in the medical technology industry that he knows so well. DC partner-in-charge Michael Tuscan is integral to Cooley’s top-tier life sciences practice and excels as a biotechnology strategist. Another industry expert, Sanya Sukduang affords pharmaceutical litigants decisive representation in Hatch-Waxman cases as well as broader advisory support. Erik Milch tries cases involving a wide range of technologies, his success stemming, in part, from involvement in other facets of practice (prosecution, portfolio management and licensing), and the cultivation of thorough patent knowledge as a result. Stephen Smith provides strong leadership to Cooley’s national IP litigation practice and is one of the most seasoned trial lawyers in the fold – one with ample ITC as well as PTAB experience. He recently delivered a complete victory for a video game client in a hotly contested case; his excellent performance at the PTAB limited his client’s exposure at trial on a surviving patent; he then convinced the district court to overturn an adverse trial result in a decision that he had affirmed at the Federal Circuit. Adam Ruttenberg specialises in technology transactions.

Recommended - Firms: transactions

Cooley is ideally placed to manage global IP portfolios and counsel innovative companies on patent strategy. It has a 110-strong international group of lawyers and patent professionals who align themselves as key legal and business partners to their clientele. The firm enjoys excellent standing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, much credit for which goes to its Boston-based experts including Heidi Erlacher, Scott Weston and Matthew Pavao. Erlacher partners closely with her clients to secure intellectual property, protecting the technologies which address their most complex scientific challenges and advance their business objectives. She has done incredibly important work relating to the development of Covid-19 vaccines. Weston transforms intellectual discoveries into commercially valuable IP assets with great skill, and then puts them in optimal portfolio structures. Pavao also knows how to give companies a competitive edge and is a dynamic strategist with refined transactional skills.

Recommended - Firms: transactions

As any firm of its size and stature would, US juggernaut Cooley has ensured it has a worthy IP practice stationed in the United Kingdom. While more than capable of dealing with contentious issues, the London team has gained acclaim largely for its stable of transactional work, with John Wilkinson and Nicola Maguire each making names for themselves, especially on the life sciences side. Wilkinson – who is always ready with an inventive solution – combines knowledge of IP, antitrust and regulatory law and shows deep understanding on the scientific side too, while Maguire is a pro at tidily tying up IP-centric deals for multinational corporations. For prosecution mandates, Colm Murphy is on hand – for more than two decades he has been appearing in registry proceedings and confecting patent portfolio strategies for pharmaceutical and medical devicegiants.

Highly-recommended - Firms: transactions

Silver - Firms: litigation

Cooley’s litigators make light work of understanding the most complex technologies and can devote their mental energy to team leadership, strategy design, theme building and advocacy. The outfit has an impressive ability to take on big-ticket high-technology and pharmaceutical cases, thanks to the expertise of Heidi Keefe and Michelle Rhyu, respectively. Solid gold in the IAM Patent 1000, Keefe is well known for her dynamic representation of Facebook among other social media entities and technology leaders. She is extremely adept from a technical perspective and a grounded lawyer who builds trust through a focus on business-aligned results. Rhyu is a go-to for Hatch-Waxman litigation and cases under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act. Taking inspiration from the innovation of her clients, she is a creative problem solver, as well as an experienced presenter. Steeped in the life sciences, Cooley is also a go-to for major transactions that are reshaping the industry. Marya Postner has put all kinds of strategic deals together with great dexterity. She recently led the Cooley team advising clinical-stage protein engineering company Forbius on its sale to Bristol Myers Squibb. Mika Reiner Mayer is another touchstone lawyer in the industry and a top due diligence expert in Silicon Valley.

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