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Since its establishment in late 2020, Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS-LUTHI Group) has earned a reputation for its excellent patent prosecution and transactions work. “The outfit has very high capabilities and is committed to success thanks to its top tier IP team.” The three founders – Ilan Cohn, David de Vries and Svetlana Stadler – have decades of experience in the IP sphere and come with glowing recommendations from customers. PhD biologist Cohn boasts a broad scope of practice and technological reach. He expertly balances his business experience and legal strategy to provide patrons with succinct and sharp patent advice. “Ilan is an exceptional attorney. He deeply understands client innovation and provides comprehensive and detailed work in very short time frames. He is incredibly smart and a pleasure to work with.” “David can produce flawless patent strategies due to his extensive experience. He pays serious attention to tiny details and creatively solves the most complex patent issues. On a personal level, David is professional, very reliable, and instils confidence in clients.” Physicist Stadler has diverse technical expertise and focuses her practice on IP strategic counselling. “Svetlana has a deep knowledge of medical applications. Her legal acumen and discernment allow her to provide speedy responses to service users. She is a true professional and an excellent attorney.” The set also benefits from the expertise of Edith Sokol, who has built a loyal following. She studies the client’s technology to know exactly how to address their needs and ensures that they can pursue their targets in the most beneficial and economical way. “Working with Edith is a wonderful experience. She is cooperative, patient, and truly cares about success.” Technology-focused attorney Myriam Schnur is recognised for her extensive experience, particularly in the medical device industry. Customers appreciate her creative approach and out-of-the-box thinking when solving complex patent issues. “Myriam produces well-drafted specifications that go above and beyond the requirements and has a clear appreciation of commercial needs when drafting claims. Her broad knowledge base includes a sharp understanding of European, US and Israeli patent law.” Making her IAM Patent 1000 debut this year is highly qualified biotech attorney Mirit Lotan. “Mirit has a natural flair when it comes to patent work and invests a lot of time and thought to ensure success. She masters the details of the technology in such a careful manner to prepare the strongest possible list of claims. Mirit works seamlessly with businesses to help them think about potential future applications and ranges of applicability. She always goes above and beyond.”

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