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The market consensus is nothing but overwhelmingly positive: “When it comes to patent work in the domestic Chinese market, few can match the depth and breadth of China Patent Agent (CPA).” “I would think that CPA is one of the best firms there is in China nowadays, for both prosecution work and for invalidity proceedings. In infringement proceedings, the technical qualities of the CPA team are what makes them stand out from the competition.” Comfortably sitting in the gold tier alongside other renowned prosecution shops, the group has both the technical and legal chops to get the job done and to the highest standard. Despite its unparalleled prowess on the prosecution front, CPA’s extensive repertoire of knowledge also makes it a formidable force in the litigation space – it has won mandates from illustrious overseas brands, including Medtronic and General Motors. Taking the lead on both matters is Yanfeng Xiong. Dubbed by one foreign counsel as “simply one of the best Chinese patent attorneys in the country”, he has an enviable track record of success before all levels of the Chinese courts. Yuhe Wu is another sterling litigator – he brings a background in biotech to bear on business-critical patent clashes. The pair are joined by fellow litigators e Chunlong Tang and Liang Wang. Several of Tang’s winning cases have been recognised by the Supreme People’s Court, the Beijing High Court and the Beijing IP Court among their annual top 10 cases. Wang, who is dual qualified in China and New York, has routinely brought home the wins in court with high-stakes patent infringement litigation, patent invalidation and trade secret litigation matters. On the prosecution front the key names are Songqing Zou and Chunyuan Liu. Previously a research and development (R&D) engineer at China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Zou is notable for his work in the mechanical engineering field. Germany-trained patent attorney Liu has recently succeeded in securing a re-examination decision on behalf of Continental Automotive before the CNIPA. Last but not least, Wayne Ma’s deep chemical engineering expertise and fine-tuned legal knowledge make for a winning combination.

Firm Profile

China Patent Agent (HK) Ltd (CPA), incorporated in 1984, is one of the first three pioneer IP firms in China. CPA has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, and overseas offices in New York, Tokyo and Munich, forming a global network to provide around-the-clock quality IP services to its clients worldwide.

CPA provides comprehensive IP services to its clients in China and abroad, with particular expertise in application preparation, prosecution, litigation, mediation, licensing, assignment and counselling in relation to patents, trademarks, copyright, domain names, anti-unfair competition and other IP-related areas. It also prosecutes patent, trademark and design applications for clients in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

As a leading IP firm in China, CPA has 550 staff, including 230 patent attorneys, 34 trademark attorneys and 85 attorneys at law. Its strength in IP practice lies in the powerful teamwork of its professionals, stemming from their extensive practical experience, solid technical and academic backgrounds, IP knowledge and industrial experience, and proficiency in various working languages.

Guided by the philosophy of total commitment to the protection of clients’ IP rights, CPA strives to achieve the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. All staff members at CPA appreciate the trust put in them by clients and reach out to provide trustworthy and comprehensive services in an efficient manner. It will be CPA’s honour to continue giving clients this assurance of quality service in future.

Patent services include:

  • prior art search and patentability study;
  • drafting and prosecution of patent applications;
  • patent re-examination and invalidation;
  • patent infringement litigation, administrative resolution and customs protection;
  • patent customs recordal prosecution;
  • patent search and watch, patent infringement assessment and due diligence investigations for mergers & acquisitions;
  • comprehensive patent-related management consultation (eg, portfolio and annuity management, patent strategy); and
  • patent licensing and technology transfer.

Trademark services include:

  • general trademark-related consultation;
  • pre-application search and registrability study;
  • trademark enquiry, monitoring and advertising;
  • trademark registration and renewal prosecution;
  • trademark opposition, review and adjudication and administrative litigation;
  • trademark licensing and assignment;
  • trademark infringement litigation, administrative investigation and treatment and related legal services;
  • trademark customs recordal prosecution; and
  • trademark and brand strategy consultation.

Services related to enforcement and other legal affairs:

  • counselling in administrative proceedings, administrative and civil litigation and IP rights affirmation;
  • mediation of IP disputes;
  • drafting or review of agreements and contracts in IP trade and licensing;
  • legal opinions, business negotiation and arbitration representation, corporate IP rights management services and IP strategy preparation;
  • legal services for interested parties to patent dispute and infringement cases, including counselling, investigation, evidence collection, filing administrative adjudication requests and instituting infringement litigation;
  • lawsuits directed to patent re-examination and patent invalidation decisions;
  • trademark opposition, review and adjudication, dispute determination and administrative litigation;
  • trademark infringement litigation, administrative investigation and resolution and related legal matters;
  • IP due diligence;
  • patent and trademark customs recordal prosecution; and
  • IP-related counselling, search and watch services.

Tech trade services include:

  • counselling on technical, legal and trade matters in tech trade transactions; and
  • negotiation and conclusion of tech trade contracts.

Copyright and computer software services include:

  • copyright and computer software registration prosecution;
  • negotiation and conclusion of copyright licence and assignment contracts;
  • copyright infringement litigation and related legal matters; and
  • copyright customs recordal prosecution

Anti-unfair competition and trade secret protection:

  • counselling on unfair competition and trade secret protection; and
  • infringement litigation and related legal matters.

Miscellaneous legal services include:

  • domain name registration;
  • registration of integrated circuit layout designs; and
  • other IP-related legal matters.
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