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With its base in Beijing and operating in more than six major Chinese cities, China PAT is notable for its unwavering commitment to fulfilling patrons' strategic ambitions while maintaining a high level of professionalism. The firm caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and individuals, and provides customised solutions to meet their complex demands across industries and jurisdictions. It takes pride in its team's holistic approach to strategy planning and technical fluency in virtually all industries. Patent attorneys Caihua Pu and Celinna Wang are the names to note. 



Firm Profile

China PAT Intellectual Property Office, established in April 2003, adheres to the timeless Confucian principle of "cultivate oneself to benefit others", with a vision of becoming a premier full-service IP law firm. Our service concept is based on "Acquisition of knowledge through studying the nature of things, rectification of mind through thinking with sincerity". With pride, China PAT provides comprehensive, high-quality, and professional intellectual property services to clients in China and abroad. Over the years, we have grown into one of China's leading IP law firms, headquartered in Beijing, with branches in major Chinese cities.


Our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our clients' strategic ambitions and maintaining a high level of professionalism defines our firm's culture. We work with clients ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and individuals, who have complex demands across various industries and different jurisdictions. This has provided us with critical resources, in-depth knowledge, and expertise.


In 2022, our managing partner, Ms Kelly Yao, was named one of the IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders. Kelly and our team's success in attracting skilled professionals has allowed us to implement a comprehensive strategy planning approach with confidence. This has propelled us to become a leading IP law firm in China, earning the trust and recognition of clients and solidifying our position as a preferred partner for collaboration. As a testament to our expertise and success, China PAT has ranked first in the total number of collective PCT application filings among all the Chinese patent agencies.


As one of the few IP firms in China with over 550 employees, China PAT combines the management philosophy and talent cultivation methods of Chinese classical Confucian philosophy with the modern "OKR management model". We have built rigorous workflow management systems and formulated enterprise quality standards for various services. Our workflow management relies on over 150 experienced professionals and an intelligent and digital information management platform. We allocate considerable resources each year towards operating and maintaining our platform, prioritising information security while ensuring a smooth experience for remote platform usage. Building upon these efforts, China PAT has built a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable IP firm, garnering long-term trust from our valued clients.


Practice areas

With a holistic approach to IP services, China PAT delivers a full-service offering that includes patent procurement, prosecution, invalidation, litigation, transaction, consultation, and more. Our unparalleled expertise in PCT filings reflects our commitment to excellence.



  • Patent drafting, filing and prosecution
  • Patent portfolio planning and consultation
  • Patent re-examination
  • Patent search
  • Patent renewal
  • Patent monitoring
  • Patent transaction and licensing
  • Patent invalidation
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • Third-party observation
  • Complaints on E-commerce platforms
  • Patent customs recordal
  • Evidence collection


Trademark, copyright, domain name, unfair competition, etc.

  • Strategic planning, management and maintenance of trademark, copyright and domain name
  • Applications for trademark and copyright registration, licensing, assignment and changes
  • Trademark retrieval, monitoring and evaluation
  • Trademark opposition, review, invalidation and cancellation
  • Trademark administrative litigation
  • Enforcement of trademark and copyright and domain name through desist and cease letters, complaints, administrative and judicial channels
  • Trademark and copyright contract drafting, counseling and due diligence
  • Trademark customs registration and protection
  • Domain name registration and dispute resolution
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