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Perhaps best known for its capacity on the trademark front, Chang Tsi & Partners is also home to a potent one-stop patent practice entrusted by many – Baidu, ZTE and Sennics are among those who enjoy its wall-to-wall prosecution services. Its global and commercial outlook also ensures seamless and client-friendly services for its international patrons. With both patent attorney and legal qualifications, IP litigator Michael Wu has become an essential part of the patent team. Wu has a gift for seeing through conflicts related to mobile telecoms and software. Beside him is IAM Patent 1000 debutant Kim Lu, who is as adept at portfolio management as he is in a courtroom setting.

Firm Profile

Chang Tsi & Partners is a National Outstanding Law Firm (nominated by Ministry of Justice of China) with a strong reputation in intellectual property and litigation.

Since its establishment in 2002, Chang Tsi & Partners has become one of the leading law firms in China. The firm has consistently earned accolades such as National Outstanding Law Firm, Best IP Law Firm in China, China IP Law Firm of the Year and Tier 1 IP Law Firm of the Year by the Ministry of Justice of China, international legal directories and various business magazines, including Chambers Asia Pacific, The Asia Pacific Legal 500 and Asialaw Profiles.

Home to more than 350 professionals (attorneys at law, patent attorneys and trademark attorneys), Chang Tsi & Partners is based in Beijing with fully fledged offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and branch offices in the United States, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangxi, and a representative office in Europe. This extensive presence has helped establish the firm’s enviable reputation in intellectual property and litigation. 

The firm’s areas of practice include IP rights, litigation and dispute resolution, commercial law and other legal services. Since its establishment, Chang Tsi & Partners has been a forerunner in various fields such as trademarks, patents, IP confirmation and administrative IP proceedings, as well as judicial protection. The firm’s high-calibre lawyers and sharp IP experts are dedicated to protecting your legal rights with efficiency and integrity.

At Chang Tsi & Partners you can find the knowledge, experience and right professionals to deal with all aspects of law and with matters both domestic and international. The firm has been trusted by Chinese and international enterprises to develop strategies and secure their interests both in China and overseas.

Practice areas

  • Intellectual property
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyright and domain names
  • Administrative protection
  • IP litigation
  • Antitrust and anti-unfair competition
  • Other related IP legal services
  • Dispute resolution
  • Corporate law
  • IP commercial and others


Chang Tsi & Partners is home to outstanding Chinese patent professionals, most of whom have a science or engineering and law academic background. Over one-third of practitioners are qualified attorneys at law and patent attorneys in China, and one-fourth of practitioners have received education in other countries and hold patent agency qualifications in the United States and other countries. The patent attorneys at Chang Tsi & Partners not only have expertise in the patent laws of China, the United States, Japan and European countries, but also are proficient in languages such as English, Japanese and German. The patent team consists of litigation lawyers who have many years’ litigation experience, and former senior judges and patent examiners who have experience in court IP trials and were on the Patent Re-examination Board under the State Intellectual Property Office of China (now the China National Intellectual Property Administration), as well as experts who are both lawyers and scholars. With a goal of maximising the clients’ interests in light of their needs, the patent team is able to propose strategic, professional and innovative solutions to complicated legal issues and provide comprehensive, multi-layered and one-stop legal services to clients.

Patent services

  • Assisting clients in setting up comprehensive strategies for patent protection, participating in setting up management system for patents and technological innovations, drafting standard of operation for patents and technological innovations
  • Providing scientific, technological and patent intelligence information, including competitors’ patent portfolio investigation and competitors’ patent landscape analysis
  • Helping enterprises organise and formulate standards for worldwide patent portfolio’s verification and maintenance, including patent planning and landscaping, patent application and annuity payment services worldwide
  • Schematic designing and negotiation for patent licensing, transfer and other patent commercialisation
  • Drafting, reviewing, and amending legal documents for patent assignment and licensing
  • Patent searches, patent and legal status monitoring
  • Drafting and filing patent applications for inventions, utility models and designs
  • Filing and defending for patent re-examination and invalidation
  • Filing administrative litigation for patent-related matters
  • Providing customs recordal and customs training services
  • Investigations and evidence collection for patent infringement
  • Participating in administrative actions and arbitration for patent disputes
  • Filing and defending administrative actions for patent infringement
  • Filing and defending patent infringement litigations, including civil and criminal cases
  • Patent annual fee payment and docketing services
  • Due diligence for patents
  • Providing patent valuation services
  • Providing legal services for patent-related antitrust and misuse
  • Rendering patent-related opinions, including freedom-to-operate opinions and non-infringement opinion


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