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Hailed as a top prosecution outfit, Cabinet M Oproiu provides a reliable patent protection service. Its team, which includes first-rate engineers, chemists and physicists, offers sophisticated advice informed by an understanding of the business criticality of patents. Providing strong leadership, Margareta Oproiu is “an outstanding specialist who embodies grace and knowledge”. Raluca Vasilescu also demonstrates “profound legal understanding” and consistently achieves excellent results.

Firm Profile


The profession of patent attorneys in Romania is younger than in other parts of Europe. After the change of regime in 1989, the Patent Law changed, allowing attorneys into private practice starting in 1992.

Cabinet M Oproiu was set up in 1995 by Margareta Oproiu and Raluca Vasilescu, and has become over the years the leading Romanian firm in the field of industrial property.

International experience

The international experience of the firm grew steadily along the years. Cabinet Oproiu currently prosecutes patent applications  in many countries of the world through a network of well-known and respected patent firms.

Languages spoken

All attorneys of the firm speak fluently English, some of them speak French and/or Spanish.

Notable cases

In 2013 LEK started a litigation against Glaxo SmithKline (in particular the companies Smithkline Beecham Limited and GlaxoSmithKline LLC) v LEK for civil liability in tort asking around €5.2 million in damages.

The main allegation in support of the civil liability in tort was that the defendants Smithkline Beecham Limited (former Smithkline Beecham Limited) and GlaxoSmithKline LLC (former Smithkline Beecham Corporation) would have been aware that their patent based on which a preliminary injunction was ordered in 2003 against LEK would be vulnerable to cancellation, said cancellation being ruled in 2011. The litigation ended in 2020 with a final ruling in favour of the defendants represented by Cabinet Oproiu including trial costs awarded to the defendants.

Number of founding partners

There are two: Mrs Margareta Oproiu and Mrs Raluca Vasilescu.

Margareta Oproiu specialises in patent and trademark prosecution and enforcement in Romania. Her competitive edge is the technical part of the patent litigations, including the cases where supplementary protection certificates are involved. Margareta is fluent in English and French.

Raluca Vasilescu specialises in patent and trademark prosecution and enforcement in Romania. She wrote the Romanian chapter of Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights through Border Measures (Oxford University Press, 2012) and contributed to the first edition of Community Trade Mark Regulation: A Commentary (CH Beck Hart Nomos, 2015) and to the second edition of European Union Trade Mark Regulation: Article-by-Article Commentary (CH Beck Hart Nomos, 2018). She is frequent contributor to various international publications in the field of patents and trademarks.

Raluca’s competitive edge is the patent drafting and the technical part of the patent litigations. Raluca is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Number of patent experts

Six patent attorneys and three patent specialists.

Areas of specialisation

Cabinet M Oproiu is involved exclusively in the field of IP matters.

We cover all range from prosecution of patents, trademarks, designs in Romania to litigation for patents, trademarks and designs. When it comes to patents, we cover all technical fields.

In terms of jurisdictions, Cabinet M Oproiu can represent directly in front of the following offices: Romanian Patent and Trademark Office (OSIM), EUIPO, EPO and the International Bureau of WIPO.

One particular focus is the prosecution of national and European patent applications in examination.

On the enforcement side, our attorneys are qualified to represent clients in all customs procedures referring to the infringement of IP rights, including further proceedings such as civil or criminal complaints before Romanian courts of Law.

Some of the competitive edges of Cabinet M Oproiu, recognised by our clients, refer to:

  • patent drafting of European patent applications and international applications for the applicants who are direct clients of the Cabinet and for third parties, patent prosecution of national, international and European patent applications
  • drafting opinions on the legal validity and infringement of industrial property rights
  • drafting and prosecuting infringement and nullification claims before Romanian courts for both patent and trademarks
  • prosecuting the applications for supplementary protection certificates, the niche domain of litigating in respect to the supplementary protection certificates requiring extremely complex competences, both technical and legal



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