Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d'Oulx

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Highly-recommended - Firms: prosecution

The attorneys at Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx are “smart and precise, and make vital contributions to any company’s success”.  “One of the best prosecution firms in Italy”, it stands out for its command of all things electronics and technology, due in no small part to the hard graft put in by Luciano Bosotti and Tassilo Meindl. The “simply brilliant” Bosotti enjoys a glowing reputation among peers; while Meindl is likewise hailed as “super-proactive, extremely helpful and really friendly”. Heavy hitters in the automotive sector rely on Giancarlo Notaro to devise filing strategies that drive business value in pursuit of their long-term objectives. Holding down the fort in the life sciences is chemistry and biotech maven Cristina Freyria Fava, who has valuable insider insight from previous stints at a biomed company as a researcher and licensing manager.

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