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A Michigan-based IP outfit with an outstanding national reputation, Brooks Kushman nets excellent reviews from those who know it best: “It is from a smaller market, meaning its rates are more affordable, but the quality of its work is on par if not better than any major market law firm. It functions like an extension of in-house teams, is extremely easy to partner with and gives practical and timely advice whatever your IP needs. Its lawyers have abundant experience in non-US IP law and guide clients on international issues expertly, collaborating with a wide network of foreign associates as needed.” Its prosecutors are “real hands-on engineers at heart and quickly understand the most technical of inventions” before writing “clean and succinct applications for a very reasonable price”. “They are good at getting to the heart of the novelty and engage in compact prosecution, which brings cases to grant faster, saving further on costs.” Tiffany Fidler and Michael Brodbine, both staunch protectors for innovators of all stripes, co-chair the practice. Fidler has a background in mechanical engineering and a special affinity for automotive and aviation technologies. Brodbine is blessed with wonderful mentoring skills, which he displays internally as the associate-trainer in chief and externally for the benefit of his many global patrons. CEO Sangeeta Shah also provides leadership; she has cultivated post-grant expertise and oversees much of the group’s inter partes review activities. Brooks Kushman capitalises on its litigation pedigree to fine-tune claim drafting strategy, shielding patent rights from litigation challenges. Some of the firm’s top advocates are litigation co-chairs John LeRoy and Marc Lorelli, and president of Brooks Kushman Frank Angileri. “John is someone you can trust with your most important technology and highest exposure patent and trade secret litigations. He is a winner who sees strategic opportunities other even big-name lawyers miss.” Lorelli and Angileri spearheaded a team of trial attorneys that recently triumphed for Ford Motor Company in a 13 design patent claim where the jury returned a verdict of wilful infringement and the judge awarded $2.1 million in attorneys’ fees – a result affirmed on appeal.

Firm Profile

Brooks Kushman PC is a full-service IP firm, serving clients nationally and internationally from offices in Michigan and California. With more than 70 IP professionals who specialise in various technical disciplines, we proudly represent many of the world’s largest corporations and major educational institutions, as well as small to medium-sized companies.

In over 30 years of practice, Brooks Kushman has earned a reputation for providing leading IP strategy and counseling with a keen focus on clients’ business objectives. We work with clients around the globe and across many industries to protect, enforce, and monetise their intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets. Our mission is to generate value for our clients’ businesses, which we achieve through superior IP counsel, technology solutions, supportive working relationships, and the drive to earn our reputation every day.

Patent prosecution

Our patent practice is regularly recognized for our level of excellence by leading industry organizations and is ranked among the top patent firms in the United States in terms of patent filings. Our patent practitioners, who are trained in a variety of disciplines, harness the combined technical expertise and legal prowess that clients around the world turn to for expert patent counsel.Our attorneys strive to obtain the most effective and efficient patent protection for our clients, leveraging our vast experience to secure patents for many types of innovations involving mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer software, life sciences, biomedical, and product design arts.

IP litigation

Brooks Kushman’s skilled and experienced litigators are known for achieving outstanding results that clients demand. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property and other technology-related disputes in federal, appellate, and state courts around the country. We have also represented clients before administrative bodies, including the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the International Trade Commission.

Many of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies, as well as other businesses and innovators of all sizes, rely on Brooks Kushman to handle complex, high-stakes matters. Our litigation team has a proven track record of winning for our clients as plaintiffs and defendants throughout the nation. We efficiently represent each client with an assembled litigation team with complimentary talent and skills to give our clients a strategic advantage at trial.

Post-grant proceedings

We understand the intricacies and implications of post-grant challenges, how to staff them, what resources to deploy, and the technical issues at the heart of each matter. Our attorneys know what it takes to prevail in inter partes reviews, ex parte re-examination, post-grant reviews, and covered business method reviews.

When appropriate, we coordinate post-grant efforts with parallel district court litigation and appeals, always keeping in mind the effect that a decision can have on a patent portfolio, market opportunities, and the bottom line. Preventively, our prosecution team develops and implements client-specific strategies to help insulate a patent portfolio from post-grant challenges. Our in-house patent searchers track related post-grant proceedings, monitor patent filings from our clients’ competitors, and search for and examine relevant prior art to anticipate potential future challenges and institute measures to minimise potential risk.

Broad perspective

Brooks Kushman attorneys hold numerous advanced degrees in a wide range of technical disciplines, including chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, cellular and molecular biology, computer science, and electrical and mechanical engineering. We bring this knowledge to bear as we work with clients across many different industries, including chemical and biotechnology, cybersecurity and privacy, construction and home improvement, consumer products, electrical and computer technology, e-commerce, food and beverage, IT services and solutions, life sciences, medical devices, and mechanical and industrial manufacturing.

To further enhance our perspective, our attorneys have a wealth of practical client-side experience. Nearly one-third of our attorneys have served as in-house counsel and many others have worked as engineers before joining the firm.

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