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Recommended - Firms: prosecution

Silver - Firms: litigation

In patent litigation, Brinks has a lot of horsepower under the hood, which it harnesses to drive satisfying wins in headline-grabbing cases. Anchors on the life sciences side include Dominic Zanfardino and Laura Lydigsen – the former especially noted for his finely honed trial skills and the latter for her appellate expertise. Lydigsen partners dynamically with highly experienced former in-house counsel Kent Walker and Mark Remus on behalf of Amneal Pharmaceuticals and others; Lydigsen and Remus also formed a pairing that was instrumental in seeing Brinks named to Novartis’s Preferred Firm Programme in February 2020. Remus leans heavily into the pharmaceutical and biotechnology practice, but also litigates with dexterity in other areas such as electronics and heavy equipment. For high-technology cases, James Sobieraj is the pick of the bunch. Competitive and tenacious, he puts his shoulder to the wheel for clients and has a pristine record to show for his efforts. Of course, Brinks is celebrated for its all-round patent capabilities and is enthusiastically endorsed for prosecution; using state-of-the-art proprietary software tools, it procures patents and manages large portfolios with great efficiency. At the forefront of this practice are Joseph Hetz and Andrew Stover, who between them have prosecuted many thousands of patents in the United States and abroad. Electrical and computer innovation specialist Hetz is a “business-minded lawyer who keeps a strong focus on increasing value in a client’s portfolio”.  This commerciality is a trait shared by Stover, whose remit encompasses mechanical and medical technologies.

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