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Specialised IP firm BRANN is resolute in its mission to provide far-sighted, cost-efficient, value-added services. It is home to a 50-strong diverse team of European and Swedish patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers and other IP administrators, which renders a holistic service to innovative patrons. Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are a forte, courtesy of Annika Kilander, who takes a meticulous and commercial approach to prosecution and transactions instructions, having spent over a decade as a leader in the IP department of GE Healthcare’s life sciences division.

Firm Profile

BRANN AB is a full-service law firm specialising in IP rights and commercial law. BRANN provides a full range of professional services and consultancy relating to patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, commercial law and IP management. It performs searches and writes, files and prosecutes applications. BRANN also monitors IP rights and litigates any IP court case in the Swedish and European courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union and the EPO.

Founded in 1949, BRANN has about 50 very skilled and hardworking employees at its service. It hosts European patent and trademark attorneys, attorneys at law, paralegals and IP assistants in four offices in Sweden. The firm also maintains an extensive and productive network of contacts worldwide. BRANN’s IP experts ensure the optimisation of the protection of their clients’ patents, registered designs and trademarks, in Sweden and abroad. The firm is also in good standing to represent clients before the future European Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, once it starts operating, by employing attorneys who have already acquired the necessary legal authorisation.

Clients and work areas        

BRANN’s clients range from Swedish companies and individuals to foreign multinationals operating in a broad range of industries, as well as foreign patent and trademark attorneys. BRANN is the essence of the modern IP firm – it boasts experience, knowledge and leading-edge competence, which it uses to continuously help its clients to succeed.

BRANN’s mission is to add value to any business by providing optimised, cost-efficient and intelligent solutions for all their clients’ patent, trademark, copyright, design, domain name and dispute resolution needs. BRANN conducts investigations, prepares applications, monitors IP rights and defends against infringement and piracy.

BRANN has a good balance of domestic and international clients for patent prosecution, trademark prosecution and legal services, including litigation. The firm’s employees are well educated, not only in law and intellectual property, but also in a variety of technical fields such as molecular biology, electrical engineering, telecommunication, mechanics, nanotechnology and chemical engineering. This enables BRANN to maintain full technical competence to successfully represent clients in all technical fields. The firm works with some of the world’s most recognised companies within the life sciences, telecom and automotive industries.

Notable cases

Board of Appeal decision T 1833/13 – Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis

After tough first-instance proceedings, BRANN obtained the complete invalidation of a patent having unduly broad claims before the Board of Appeal. By removing the competitor’s exclusivity, BRANN substantially increased the open market for its client.

Stockholm District Court, T19754-10 and T3388-11, InCoax Networks Europe AB v Quiqom AB

Patent litigation – alledged patent infringement claim by Quiqom. Patent invalidation claim by InCoax. The patent was declared invalid and the infringement claim withdrawn.

Attunda District Court, Puma AG v Arctic Cat Inc 

Trademark litigation – infringement by Arctic Cat of Puma’s well-known figurative mark representing a leaping cat. The district court had awarded a preliminary injunction against Arctic Cat, which was later upheld.

The Market Court, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare AB v Colgate- Palmolive AB

Misleading marketing claim – Colgate claimed that their toothpaste was the only one for which it was clinically proven to have immediate effect on dentine hypersensitivity. The claim was found misleading.

Working with BRANN      

BRANN is specialised in IP rights and commercial law. It builds complete IP safety nets made of patents, trademarks, designs, domain names and agreements – all of which can also be the first important steps towards the commercialisation of clients’ ideas. BRANN’s experts give relevant advice, through either an individually selected IP attorney or technical groups with the right expertise for each client’s needs. BRANN carefully crafts solutions, based on deep knowledge, that are time and cost-effective. BRANN’s experts get their inspiration from their clients’ and colleagues’ creativity and their own ability to find high quality, and sometimes unconventional, solutions.

Apart from proudly representing clients in court, winning cases globally and protecting their clients’ values, BRANN’s professionals are also fun people. Calling itself “the nicest firm in Sweden”, BRANN is a firm with a heart that actually cares.

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