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For over two decades Botti & Ferrari has dedicated itself to immaculately drafting patents in the electronics, software and life sciences industries, and obtaining the widest scope of protection possible for its patrons. That said, prosecution is not the only thing this nimble consultancy excels at, especially with industry heavyweights and peers looking to it regularly for robust litigation support. Two of its stalwarts, Mario Botti and Rinaldo Ferreccio, regularly serve as court-appointed technical experts. Forward-thinking and driven, electronic engineer Botti is passionate about his clients’ creations and is an authority on medical devices. For detailed opinion work, pharmaceutical ace Ferreccio is a smart choice.

Firm Profile

Botti & Ferrari SpA is ranked as one of the top IP boutique firms in Italy. Its professional team includes eight European and Italian patent attorneys, three Italian patent agents and one Chinese patent attorney, whose different technical skills cover practically all technical domains. Three trademark specialists – an attorney at law and two EU trademark attorneys – complete the professional team.

Most of Botti & Ferrari’s European patent attorneys have obtained the patent litigation in Europe diploma from the University of Strasbourg. Moreover, two have been substantive examiners at the EPO.


Botti & Ferrari aims to offer a high-quality service in patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright, licensing and industrial property litigation counselling. This service is provided to a diverse clientele, including small and medium-sized enterprises, multinationals, start-ups, universities and other public research entities. The firm’s professional staff are experienced in drafting and prosecuting European and US patent applications, drafting licence agreements and litigation counselling. The presence of experts in technical fields including electronics, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymers, food science and biotechnology, as well as in the legal field, enables Botti & Ferrari to offer its clients assistance in all technical and legal areas.

Services include:

  • state of the art, validity and infringement-related patent searches;
  • preparation of legal opinions on patent validity and infringement;
  • drafting, filing and prosecuting national and international patents;
  • trademark availability searches;
  • trademark-related legal opinions (validity and infringement);
  • preparing, filing and prosecuting national and international trademark applications;
  • representation in proceedings before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the EPO and the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO);
  • preparing, filing and prosecuting oppositions and appeals before the EUIPO and the EPO;
  • industrial property portfolio audits and assistance in due diligence proceedings; and
  • drafting licence agreements and assistance in related negotiations and litigation.

Specialist areas

In addition to these activities, Botti & Ferrari’s professionals focus on patent litigation, providing technical assistance and cooperating with the most renowned Italian attorneys at law in the IP field. In addition to acting as ex parte experts, some of them – in particular, Mario Botti, Rinaldo Ferreccio, Paolo Gerli and Umberto Zambardino – often act as technical experts appointed by the courts.

Botti & Ferrari’s professionals have been involved in many important litigation proceedings in Italy on behalf of major companies from the United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany, particularly in the fields of electronics, mechanics, chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. Often such proceedings have been carried out in parallel with corresponding litigation in other countries, particularly in Germany; therefore, Botti & Ferrari’s professionals are used to interacting with foreign colleagues conducting parallel litigation.

This skill, coupled with the qualification achieved through the patent litigation in Europe diploma, makes Botti & Ferrari’s professionals particularly well prepared for facing litigation in the forthcoming Unified Patent Court (UPC).

Moreover, the presence of former EPO examiners among Botti & Ferrari’s professionals has favoured the development of a high level of skills in prosecuting European patent applications and handling oppositions and appeals before the EPO. This level of competence is shared by all of the firm’s professionals, who consistently work according to the set standard.

International experience

Botti & Ferrari has many foreign clients that entrust the firm with filing, prosecution and litigation tasks. Foreign clients value Botti & Ferrari for its technical skills and the linguistic competence of its professionals. All the firm’s professionals are fluent in English, and many are also fluent in or have a sound knowledge of German and French.

Botti & Ferrari is a founding member of Eurattorneys EEIG, together with a German and a Swiss IP firm. All member firms’ work in or received from Japan, South Korea and China is handled through Eurattorneys EEIG.

Botti & Ferrari is also one of the founding members of the UPC Lawyers and Attorneys network, together with IP firms and law firms from other European countries (eg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

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